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Additional Certification Programmes based on the Challenges

In addition to the degree, the following certification courses are offered to all the students.

  YES+ ( Youth Empowerment Skills)
  Dyanamic Outbound Training Programme
  Enterpreneurship Develpment Programe
  CIL - Personal Effectiveness Training
  CIL - Communication Skills/Public Skills Training
  CIL - Team work and Interpersonal Skills Training
  CIL - Presentation Skills, Leadership & Emotional Quotient Training
  CIL - Pre-Placement Training

CIL - Centre for Innovation & Leadership - was established in the year 2006 under the banner of DSI to bridge the gap between pure academics and the corporate realities. The Centre aims to impart innovative soft skill training programs to enable individuals to become champion leaders in their endeavour, and to sustain a high level of performance at the individual and the organizational level.