Alumni Association

DSBA organized its first Alumni Meet on 28th January 2017. First ever election for the alumni association was conducted and President, Vice President, Joint Secretary and Batch Representatives were elected.

  • Foster the spirit of brotherhood and comradeship among the alumni of the DSBA
  • Disburse scholarships to the outstanding students of various disciplines of DSBA
  • Raise funds for various welfare and other schemes as approved by the association
  • Provide a forum for the alumni for exchange of ideas on academic, cultural and social issues of the day
  • Look after the general interests of the alumni of DSBA
  • Bring out publication for the fulfilment of the objectives of the association
  • Arrange social and cultural functions
  • Communication with the authorities of the College on matters of mutual interest

The following alumni association office bearers:

Ms. Lavanya of (batch 2013 - 2016) was elected as the President

  • President Duties Include
  • Presiding at all meetings of the association and committee.
  • Representing the association in its dealings with other organizations or people outside the association.
  • Serving as the association's liaison with the Office of International Alumni Programs and the University.

Mr. Manish Patel (batch 2012-2015) as Vice President

  • Vice-President Duties Include
  • Performing the duties of President in his or her absence and assisting as needed.
  • The committee may wish to consider designating this post later as President.

Ms. Shahistha (Batch 2013-2016) as Secretary

  • Secretary Duties Include
  • Responsibility for all correspondence and recording of minutes of meetings, communicating them to each committee member and to the Office of International Alumni Programs.
  • Preparing agendas for meetings in consultation with the President.
  • Ensuring that notices of meetings are sent to association members as required.

Mr. Aditya (batch 2012-2015) as Treasurer

  • Treasurer Duties Include
  • Responsibility for the finances of the association, for maintaining accurate records and for preparing an annual statement of the association's accounts.
  • Setting up systems to deal with the association's finances.
  • Overseeing annual membership subscriptions if applicable in conjunction with the Membership Secretary.

As Batch Representatives

  • Mr. Abhinay of BBM (batch 2013-2016) represented BBM
  • Mr. Syed of B.Com (batch 2012-2015) represented B.Com
  • Mr. Sujit Kumar (batch 2013-2016) represented BCA
  • Batch Representatives Duties Include
  • Maintaining records of association members and liaising with the Office of International Alumni Programs for data exchange.
  • Devising and implementing strategies for increasing membership and participation.
Contact Person Ms Lavanya +91-9980569473