Circular on Dress Code

Date:  15-06-2016

  1. Students should strictly adhere to the following dress code:

Monday and Thursday – Uniform

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday – Formals

Saturday – Casuals

  1. First year students are required to come in formal dress code until they get their uniform.
  2. Casual does not mean students will wear dress which are not befitting the decorum of the college

Casual dress includes only the following:

  • For Boys – T-Shirts with collar and shoes. (Faded/tattooed/funky jeans are not allowed)
  • For Girls – T-Shirts & with sleeve dresses, full pants/Salwar suit with dupatta. (Faded/tattooed/funky jeans are not allowed)
  1. Faculty members are advised not to give attendance to students who are improperly dressed.


 Dr.(Brig) Sandes

Principal - DSBA