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BCA Program

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is a three-year undergraduate program to educate students in the science and practices of Information Technology. This program provides a sound academic base for an advanced career in computer applications. This program makes the students gain the subject knowledge and implement the concepts in real projects of computer science. The emphasis is on practical and hands-on training of software development. The main aim is to equip the graduates with the skills required to design and develop computer software.

Program Objective

  The Objectives is to equip the graduates with the skills required to design and develop applications of computer software.
 To make students understand and gain practical experience using methods and technologies for modelling and describing systems and their properties.
 Providing a comprehensive learning experience, designed to educate the students about newer technologies
 Improving the ability to apply knowledge to develop and analyse computing systems.

Program Outcomes

Students demonstrate
  Conceptual Understanding
  Ability to Apply concepts
  Ability to Analyse and Integrate learning from various courses
  Creativity, Confidence and Communication skills.

Program Specific Outcomes

Students will exhibit
  Conceptual understanding of Computer science and Technology.
  Ability to apply concepts and write Programs to provide solutions for real life problems.
  Ability to learn and adapt changing technological trends

Program Pedagogy

The delivery methodology of BCA is instruction based, and is followed by computer laboratory work. In the computer labs, students will design solutions for the given problems and examine a variety of computing tools and other instructional resources that will help in development of applications. The delivery methodology will make an inquiry-based approach for the students in hands on learning .Teaching will have a concluding component that will link the computing concepts to real projects. Our teaching methodology encourages the students to learn new technologies. This environment encourages the students to think creatively and work independently.

Key Features

 Quality Education
 State-of-the-art infrastructure
 A strong base of core faculty
 Interaction with industry leaders, practitioners and professionals
 Additional courses offered to enhance managerial skills
 Mentoring system
 Industry visits
 Industry centered assignments in leading companies
 Club committees - HR, Finance, Marketing, literary, Cultural & Sports
 Adequate Library facility
 Involvement of students in research work
  Separate accommodation facility available for boys and girls
  Extracurricular activities - sports and cultural

Attendance Requirement

  All students are expected to maintain excellent attendance in all classes.
 Students must have a minimum attendance of 75% in each subject to get the eligibility to appear for university examination.
 The college will implement attendance monitoring processes such as SMSs to parent of students who are absent/ have less attendance percentage for closer monitoring.