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Augmentation programs

DSBA provides Augmentation Programs for BBM ,BCA,B.Com student to excel in their career. This program is done as per industry standards and based on the current market requirements for all the streams of undergrad programs.

Outbound Activity

Outbound Training is a training method for enhancing student's performance through experiential learning. Outbound Training Programs generally revolve around activities designed to improve leadership, communication skills, planning, change management, delegation, teamwork, and motivation. Students are divided into teams and assigned tasks or activities for completion in a specified time. Achievement and performance during these activities is reviewed in group discussions to identify behaviors that enhance performance or lead to failure or decreased performance. Strategies are formulated to deal with factors that hinder, and these strategies are then put to use in the activities that follow, to test their effectiveness.

In Outbound Training the facilitator challenges a group to achieve a goal, but does not explain how to successfully complete the challenge. Students must work to find a solution individually and together as a team, and must communicate and learn from each other in order to be successful. The Learning begins with the experience followed by reflection, discussion, analysis and evaluation of the experience.

At DSBA we strongly believe that outbound training can be the key element of developing a tight knit, effective and high performance teams.


Youth Empowerment Seminar:

Both fun and challenging, the Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES) provides teens with a comprehensive toolbox to both manage their own emotions and stress as well as dynamically pass through adolescence.

Happiness program:

The Happiness program gives students practical knowledge and effective techniques to unlock their deepest potential and bring fullness to their life. Whether happy and successful or bogged down with the stress of disappointments, fear, or poor health, every student is cared for.. The course helps students release mental and physical stress, thereby bringing about an improvement in health and energy levels. The students are left with a sense of peace, self-knowledge, awareness and joy.

Global Immersion

Global Educational Travel is a carefully planned combination of Industrial visits and hands-on learning opportunities, built around clear learning objectives. Through Educational Travel, students can enrich their knowledge of management, technical skills and experience works of art they've learned about in the classroom.

Industrial visit

The industrial visit is considered one of the most tactical methods of teaching. It provides students with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. Industry visits sensitize students to the practical challenges that organizations face in the business world. Industrial visits also give greater clarity about various management concepts and technical concepts for students as they can practically see how these concepts are put into action.

Visits to manufacturing firms and IT companies are useful for students to understand the nuances, realities and understand the risky conditions in which workers work, the people management challenges involved in managing workers apart from getting hands-on technical knowledge.