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Impact of Budget 2015 on GDP’-A Report

A presentation on the ‘Impact of Budget 2015 on GDP’ was made by six teams comprising of BCom and BBM Undergraduate of  DSBA on 3rd March 2015 at the Seminar Hall during the college hours. The Principal Brig. (Retd.)Dr.Sandes, the Dean Prof.G.S.Sreekiran and the faculty of DSBA were present.Prof.Usha and Prof.Crissy Mathew co-ordinated the event.

The judges were Prof.Meera Seshanna, Prof.Pravesh Soti, Prof. Nikitha and Prof. Surekha V. Naik.

The students spoke at length about the challenges faced by Indian economy, reforms in the manufacturing and service sector, infrastructure development, state of economy , emphasis of budget  on skilled India-made in India., factors responsible for fall in GDP ,  factors to overcome the decline in GDP. Some comparisons were drawn to the previous year’s budget too. To drive home the point, during analysation the students also gave their proposals and suggestions that could help increase in GDP.

The audience participated by raising queries and the presenters deftly answered each one of them. The judges posed questions to both the presenters as well as the audience. Chocolates were given as prizes to those students who either raised relevant questions or answered the question aptly. The Principal stated his expectations and shared his views on the analysis of the presentation made by the students.

The judges shared their observations with the presenters, advised them on presentation skills and finally gave a presentation themselves on the theme.

The result was announced by Prof. Usha. Prizes and certificates were awarded to the students by the Principal.

Lavanya K and Abhinay Rao from BBM IV Semester were given the first prize; Gaurav Mukherjee, Ganesh D and Rishabh Jain from BBM II Semester were in the second position and an appreciation prize was given to the team from BBM II Semester comprising of Shama Basnet, Smriti Rakshit, Brenda Dsouza and Akansha