CIL Training for I Sem BBA, BCom & BCA students

2016-12-27 20:38:03


CIL training was organised for I Sem BCom students on 22nd September’16 and for I Sem BBA& BCA students on 26th September’16 in the seminar hall on the IV floor of DSBA during the college hours. The topic for the training was “Personal Effectiveness.”

CIL under the banner of DSI aims to bridge the gap between pure academics and the corporate realities. The Centre aims to impart innovative soft skill training programs to enable students to become champion leaders in their endeavour, and to sustain a high level of performance at the individual and later in the organizational level.

Through the training sessions the students learnt ways to improve their professional and personal potential by bringing in positive changes and developing and managing themselves better.

The trainers, Mohammed Irfan and Ismail divided the class into five groups, made the student leaders of the groups come forward and state their goals. This helped the students to communicate with more confidence. They helped the students in understanding how to manage their time and tasks in a better way, taught them to set and achieve their goals, develop self-confidence and self-control & the ways to handle difficult people more boldly.

They showed inspirational videos & various activities were conducted throughout the session to reinforce what was taught. Suggestions were given by them at the end of the team presentation rounds.

By the end of the session the students learnt to be optimistic, change their perspective, go for excellence, set high standards, act swiftly and to be passionate and enthusiastic about their goals.

The first year students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and expressed desire on having more of such kind!