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CIL Training Report

Centre for Innovation & Leadership [CIL] - was established in the year 2006 under the banner of DSI to bridge the gap between pure academics and the corporate realities. The Centre aims to impart innovative soft skill training programs to enable individuals to become champion leaders in their endeavour, and to sustain a high level of performance at the individual and the organizational level.

CIL conducted training sessions for the students of DSBA on the 4th floor –Room 401/402 between 9:30 and 4 pm. The schedule was as follows:








Communication Skills




High Impact Presentation Skills




Placement Training




High Impact Presentation Skills




Communication Skills

Training on soft skills has become relevant in a country like India where education system does not delve into personality development. Any organisation is manned by people and hence good people skills are essential in nearly every line of work.

Mr Ranjith Gaikwad, Founder /CEO INCYNK conducted the sessions for II BCom and IV BCA students.

Communication Skills training is necessary as it is vital for the success in various situations. The students underwent communication skills training to develop and improve communication skills and develop the ability to perceive how individuals relate to each other through various activities.

Good presentation and public speaking skills are key to many influential roles in today’s world. Many believe that good presenters are born, not made. Students were taught the skills and techniques they needed to increase their self-confidence and performance when presenting and at the end of the session they had to make presentations. They realised then that with practise they can present their ideas clearly, purposefully, engagingly and confidently.

In the Placement training, tips were given to the students to perform well at interviews and taught skills that a company looks for in an individual to help attain a career start. Besides, they were taught how to put together a resume and taught strategies and tools that can help them ace every interview.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and felt it far exceeded their expectations. They came away with a repertoire of effective learning strategies. The activities were interesting and exciting that engaged all students and particularly was helpful to some by raising their self-esteem.