Session on Goal Setting

Mr Adarsh Basavaraj, was the resource person for a session on goal setting on 4th July ’16 [Monday] at DSBA. His session began at 10 am and ended at 11:30 am.Prof Nikitha welcomed and introduced Mr Adarsh to the first year students.

Mr Adarsh Basavaraj, CEO of Human Potential India nicknamed "The Coach" is a multi-faceted personality and a public figure who has proven his expertise in a variety of different fields leading to his success as an Management development consultant, L&D consultant, Hypnotherapist, Life coach, Corporate Communications Professional, Event Designer, Emcee and finally as an aspiring author.

He was the youngest to be conferred the "Chanakya Award" by the Public Relations Council of India as the "Most Promising Communications Trainer 2014"

Working with different organizations in different profiles such as Healthcare, Education, Corporate sectors and Government Agencies, he's proven to his clients that he can be "A Jack of All and also a Master of all".

His interactive session began with questions for the students wherein he asked them to speak about their interests, hobby and passion. Next, he spoke on the concept of education and further, interests that fuel skill sets in an individual. 

He then broached on the topic of goal settings, its importance and the types-short term and long term goals. With personal examples he explained all the concepts. The students also shared their ideas on the short term and long term goals.

Throughout his address he enraptured the students sharing interesting anecdotes.

He ended the session highlighting his contribution to the newspaper ‘The Indian Express’ as a columnist. His column is known as “Coach Calling” in which he writes about and addresses issues plaguing the minds of any individual using his life coaching skills.

 Dr [Brig] Sandes, Principal-DSBA was present for the session and proposed the vote of thanks. Mr Adarsh’s motivational skills and his high inspirational words totally mesmerised the students.