YES + session at DSBA

2017-03-20 07:23:49

Yes+ program is a powerful life-skills program designed to accelerate personal all-round excellence. It is a smooth blend of ancient wisdom, yoga, pranayama (breath control), meditation and the Sudarshan Kriya, fused with contemporary intellectual exchanges.

The YES+ session was conducted for the MBA first year students from the 8th March’17 to 10th March’17 in the college hours on the fourth floor in the DSBA campus. Ms.Upasana, a trainer from AOL along with Dr [Brig] Sandes, Principal-DSBA conducted the sessions.

Ms Upasana began the session by discussing the four sources of energy - food, sleep, breath and a calm, happy and meditative mind.

She shared sutras with the students for a calm, happy and meditative mind and said, that would lead to a happy life. The sutras were as follows: not to be a football of other’s opinions, not to think of intentions of one’s mistakes, accept people and situations the way they are, live in the present, avoid pouring water on other’s enthusiasm and lastly, opposite values indeed complement each other.

 She elaborated on the knowledge points and stated that thinking about the past, brings regret and thinking about the future makes one anxious. Hence, one must live in the present; secondly, wherever one goes and whomever one meets, one must feel a sense of belongingness with everyone and oneself; thirdly, responsibilities are taken and not given, fourthly, a calm mind helps one to respond to a situation rationally , therefore one must not react;lastly,give 100% always !

 Individual and group activities were conducted during the session which made it fun as one also learnt through experience .This also helped the students to interact & adopt a congenial attitude. The session also incorporated Sudarshan Kriya (Powerful breathing technique), some Yoga, Pranayama & Bhastrika and Meditation.

Dr Sandes narrated some stories which helped students understand the importance of ethics, morals and values. The session ended with fireless cooking; wherein, the students were asked to make food items with the condition that the cooking had to be done without using fire! Students looked forward to that and enthusiastically came up with a sumptuous array of snacks.

The key takeaways of the [AOL] YES+ session: students understood the importance of enjoying life, not to give too much of emphasis to what others perceive of them, take up challenges in life, always reach out to help, realized the way to deal with problems and agreed with the trainer that the way to improve the quality of life is by managing the state of mind.

The YES! + Session did ensure an energy boost and this would give life a kick where it was most required.