Myriad Cultures depicted at Ethnic Day'17

2017-03-20 07:23:49

Culture shapes our identity and influences our behaviours, and cultural diversity makes us accept, and to a large extent, assimilate, embrace and integrate other cultures.

To promote the cultural diversity, the Cultural Club of DSBA organised ‘Ethnic Day’ on 11 March’17 during the college hours. The theme for the day was ‘Respecting Respective Cultures’. The event was coordinated by Prof Crissy, Cultural Co-ordinator and Faculties In-charge-Prof Usha, Prof Priyanka and Prof Meera krishnan

In the forenoon, there was a competition class wise; wherein, students had to firstly, choose a state , depict the culture and tradition of the chosen state, decorate their respective classes in the same theme, dress in traditional attires of that state and lastly, bring food items that are typical of the state.

Dr [Brig] Sandes, Principal DSBA; Dr Veena, Dean DSBA; Prof Nikitha, HOD, DSBA and all the faculties of DSBA visited the decorated classrooms at 11 am.

The judges for the Inter-Class room event were Dr Veena and Prof Nikitha.

II Sem MBA                                                            Theme: Tamil Nadu

 SStudents had chosen a festival ‘Pongal’ as a theme that is celebrated in Tamil Nadu with fanfare every year.

They had decorated the door leading to their class room with sugarcane and flowers and had made a kolam at the entrance. The class decoration looked simple but chic .On the desks they had placed inflated colourful balloons and adorned the windows with coloured paper giving it a stained glass effect. They had made a poster which showed Pongal celebrations. Lord Ganesha was placed on the table; brass lamps were lit before the idol and Pongal delicacies-Ven Pongal & Sakkara Pongal were placed in tiny pots. On a banana leaf, breakfast items of Tamil Nadu were exhibited. The boys wore the traditional dhotis with shirt and girls wore Kanjivaram saris.


IV Sem MBA                                                                    Theme: Kerala

 The door leading to the classroom was festooned with crepe paper decorations. Students had also used banana leaves and coconut leaves to decorate the area around the door as well as the door ledge which is symbolic in ‘God’s Own Country’ Kerala. Girls had worn the typical Kerala Saree while boys were dressed in ‘Mundu.’

 In the afternoon, there was an Interclass dance and song competition and it was mandatory that the students from both the classes present either in ethnic song or dance. The competition began at 3 pm. The event was hosted by Mr Yasser and Mr Sharad Joshi. The judges for the competition were Prof Nagaraju, Prof Kasthuri, Prof Roopashree and Prof Hari Krishna.

In the competition, students presented an assortment of mesmerising and foot tapping folk dance and songs from regions of Incredible India!