Myriad Cultures depicted at Ethnic Day'17

2017-03-20 07:23:49

Culture shapes our identity and influences our behaviours, and cultural diversity makes us accept, and to a large extent, assimilate, embrace and integrate other cultures.

To promote the cultural diversity, the Cultural Club of DSBA organised ‘Ethnic Day’ on 11 March’17 during the college hours. The theme for the day was ‘Respecting Respective Cultures’. The event was coordinated by Prof Crissy, the Cultural Co-ordinator and Faculties In-charge-Prof Usha, Prof Priyanka and Prof Meera krishnan.

In the forenoon, there was a competition class wise; wherein, the students had to firstly, choose a state and then depict the culture and tradition of the chosen state, decorate their respective classes in the same theme, come dressed in traditional attires of that state and lastly ,bring food items that are typically made in that state.

Dr [Brig] Sandes, Principal DSBA; Dr Veena, Dean DSBA; Prof Nikitha, HOD, DSBA and all the faculties of DSBA visited the decorated classrooms at 11 am.

The judges for the Interclass –Classroom event were Dr Veena and Prof Nikitha.

II Sem BBA                                                                            Theme: Kerala.


The students welcomed everyone entering their classroom with tender coconut water. The classroom was transformed into Mini Kerala –the walls were adorned with coconut leaves and there were banners showing facts about the state. Students had made a beautiful houseboat and an equally stunning Pookalam of a Kathakali male dancer. Nilavilakku, the traditional lamp was lit by the Principal, Dean, HOD, Prof Priyanka-the Class coordinator and a few students from the class. The boys were dressed traditionally in ‘Mundu’ and the girls had worn the traditional Kerala saris. Tables were laden with about 20 authentic traditional mouth-watering vegetarian Kerala cuisine; the students named the dishes and elaborated on them. 


 II Sem BCom Section ‘A’                                            Theme: Karnataka.

The class was decorated with colourful buntings of Karnataka flags, vibrant streamers; banana and mango leaves enhanced the walls and the ceiling.  On the table, the students had placed dolls that are typically available in the state. In the centre of the room, a traditional lamp was lit with a floral rangoli around it. On a large thermacol, students had replicated the protected monuments of the state. Sweets and savouries made traditionally in Karnataka State were exhibited at one end of the table. The boys were dressed in dhoti, shirt and angavastram while girls wore traditional silk saris.

II Sem BCom ‘B’                                                                  Theme: Karnataka 

Students depicted Varalakshmi Vratam, a religious festival followed in Karnataka. Goddess Mahalakshmi, the goddess of wealth, auspiciousness and prosperity occupied the centre table surrounded by banana leaves. The girls dressed in colourful silk saris had decorated her with flowers, jewellery, vastra (saree) and placed fruits .In the presence of the judges and faculties, they lit the lamps & performed rituals and offered all ladies haldi and kumkum, a tradition followed in the state. The class walls were bedecked with double shades of marigold; buntings made with maps of the state and colourful wall hangings and the students had made charts with political leaders of the state and displayed them on the glass window .In the centre of the classroom, students had made a huge rangoli of map of Karnataka and filled it with yellow and red flowers. The boys had worn traditional clothes too!-Dhoti, shirt and angavastram.

II Sem BCA                                                                        Theme: Kerala

Girls were dressed traditionally in Kerala sarees and boys in ‘Mundu’.A beautiful and colourful rangoli, flowers and decorated pots adorned the centre floor of the classroom. Nilavilakku, the traditional lamp was lit in front of the rangoli .Students had placed green coconuts and a plantain leaf in front of the lamp and arranged traditional festive food items of Kerala. They had hung colourful curtains on the windows in the classroom and decorated the board too and when the judges walked into the class they described what they had portrayed and also spoke of the tradition and culture followed in the state of Kerala.

IV Sem BBA                                                                      Theme: Karnataka

The students welcomed everyone in a traditional manner. Each one was offered buttermilk. Students narrated the culture and traditions followed in Karnataka. All the lady faculties were given tambulam according to the tradition .The class was decorated with mango leaves .Students had made a fascinating rustic hut using banana leaves, bamboo and hay and the rangoli was shaped like the map of Karnataka. The colours in the flag stand for Arashina (Turmeric) and Kumkuma (Vermilion) and hence they used yellow and red colour flowers for the rangoli. The boys were dressed in dhoti, shirt and angavastram, while girls wore traditional silk saris.

IV Sem BCom                                                               Theme: Karnataka

Students had decorated the class with streamers, coloured paper wall hangings, mango leaves and colourful floral rangoli in the centre of the classroom. The floor area near the board also had colourful rangolis. On the board, the students had made graffiti on various topics related to the state. Students made a presentation on the state of Karnataka; and some students gave a traditional dance performance based on the chosen state. On the desks, the students had arranged the traditional cuisine from the state and one of them named and described them to the faculties and the judges while they moved around the classroom.

IV Sem BCA                                                                  Theme: Andhra Pradesh


Students decorated the class on the concept of a festival celebrated in Andhra Pradesh ‘Sankranti’. They had made a humongous traditional colourful rangoli and in the centre placed pots with the symbolic ‘Pongal’ made during that time. They had decorated the white board too and on the walls had displayed kites of multihued colours. Girls were dressed in Dharmavaram saris and the boys in dhoti and shirt. The celebrations of ‘utti kottadam' or breaking of the earthen pots was also conducted .The faculties of DSBA participated in it. Prof Hari Krishna and Prof Sivaselvi were successful in breaking the pots and won prizes for the same.

VI Sem BBM                                                                   Theme: Gujarat

  Students welcomed all in a traditional Gujarati way and fed each one with a sweet -Jalebi.The door leading to the class wore a festive look. Posters on Gujarat were displayed adjacent to the door. The class was decked up with strings of marigold. On the walls, there were paper wall hangings, kites, pictures of birds from Gujarat and even the windows were dressed up colourfully .The board had pictures of people from Gujarat, festivals celebrated there, attention-grabbing graffiti and other interesting titbits . Some girls wore saris in a Gujarati style while the others had worn the traditional lehenga choli, while boys wore dhoti, short coat and turban cap and looked dressy. Students had exhibited array of Gujarati snacks, savoury & sweets. Finally, students performed the traditional folk dance –Garba in the classroom

VI Sem BCA                                                                          Theme: Karnataka


Students had decorated the class in a simple manner with mango leaves, marigold and some paper hangings. The white board was decorated with gold tissue and flowers which looked elegant. A huge colourful rangoli was made in the centre of the classroom. The girls had worn silk saris in Coorg style and boys had worn dhoti and shirts. A poster with fun facts of Karnataka was the scene stealer and enlightened the audience. 

Rubric for judgement in the Inter Classroom competition were–Cultural Authenticity in Class decoration, Student’s traditional attire, Food, & Wow factor. There were some fantastic decorations and the judges had a difficult job picking a winner.  

Kudos to everyone for all their hard work and effort in the competition!!



Inter Class Competition:   Winners                                   II Sem BBA

                                         I Runners-up                            VI Sem BBM

                                         II Runners-up                           IV Sem BCom & IV Sem BBA


In the afternoon, there was an Interclass dance and song competition and it was mandatory that the students from every class participated either in ethnic song or dance. The competition began at 3 pm. The event was hosted by Mr Yasser and Mr Sharad Joshi from IV and VI Sem BBA.

 In the competition, students presented an assortment of mesmerising foot tapping folk dance and songs from various regions of Incredible India!


The judges for the competition were Prof Nagaraju, Prof Kasthuri, Prof Roopashree and Prof Hari Krishna.

The judgement criteria for ethnic dance were as follows:Cultural Authenticity,Co-ordination, Costumes and Overall Impact.

The judgement criteria for ethnic dance were as follows:Cultural Authenticity,Synchronisation,Rhythm and Audience Impact



Inter Class Ethnic Dance Competition     Winners               VI Sem BBM

                                                              Runners-up             II Sem BBA


Inter Class Song Competition                  Winners                VI Sem BCA