Report on the Club Activities held on 23rd September'17

2017-10-02 19:35:22

At DSBA, students have every opportunity to involve themselves in an extraordinarily rich range of student clubs and activities that reflect a tapestry of their interests and passions creating unique opportunities for friendship and learning.

On the 23rd September’17, clubs operational at DSBA conducted club activities during the college hours. Circulars were sent earlier informing the students about the activities. The faculty coordinators of the respective clubs motivated the students and hence there was a good response for all the activities.


                                     ‘The Urban Reader’ Literary Club

Event: Story / Creative Writing Competition

Topic: “What’s going on in this picture?”

Judges: Prof Hari Krishna [Hindi], Prof Prakasha [Kannada] & Prof Keerthishree [English]

The competition was held in the lecture hall 202 between 1:30 pm and 3 pm.The competition was open to all students at DSBA. About 35 creative/ inspirational/ motivational images were shown to the students. They were expected to look at the picture and weave a story or write creatively. Students were given a choice of language i.e. they could write in either English; Hindi or Kannada.The minimum word limit was 400 words. 33 students participated in the competition.

The event was coordinated by the Literary Club Faculty In charge Prof Meera Krishnan .The student coordinator was Ms Lasya Priya [III year BCom] who helped in the smooth functioning of the creative activity.


Winners: Sai Bhuvan B [III Sem BCom ‘B’] and Anushri [I Sem BCom ‘A’]

I Runner up: Kavitha P[III Sem BCom ‘A’]

II runners up: Krishnesh [III Sem BCom ‘A’] and Namrah Sheikh [I Sem BCA]

III Runners up: Sharvani B S [III Sem BCom ‘A’], Arundhuti Bhattacharya [I Sem BBA] and Pavana D [III Sem BCom’B’]


Winners: Anushree P [I Sem BCom ‘A’] and Poornima M V [I Sem BCom ‘A’'


                                                 ‘Sadhana’ IT Club

Event: Picture Presentation

Judges: Prof Siva Selvi, Prof Chaitanya and Prof Kshithi

The event was held in Lecture Hall 103 between 9:40 am and 11:40 am. 32 students participated in the activity .8 groups were formed consisting of 4 students each. Pictures related to IT were shown to the groups. They had to firstly guess the product/topic and in five minutes prepare themselves and make an oral presentation in front of the judges for five minutes.

The event was coordinated by the IT Club Faculty In charge-Prof Chaitanya.The student coordinators were Harin Chandra, Aanchal Agarwal, Gayathri and Kunal [III Year BCA]

Winners: Waris Amin Dand, Namrah Sheikh, Suraj R and Nithin Shaji Kurian [I Sem BCA]  And  Madhu TV, Shreshta Shripathi, Md Israr Siddique and Gautham Reddy [I Sem BCA] 

I Runners up: Rohan Satish, Nikhil Arlihalli and Charith Amogh V [III Sem BCA] 

II Runners up: Bhavyashree S, Bindu J, Divya N, Neetu Mourya and Soundarya R  [III Sem BCA] 


                                                 ‘Synergia’ HR Club

Event: Collage Activity

Theme: ‘Women in Leadership’

Judges: Prof Crissy Mathew and Mr Basil

  The event was held in Lecture Hall 101 and 109 between 11:40 am and 1pm.There was an incredible response for this club activity as 78 students registered for the event. Students had come prepared with their themes, pictures, stationary and chart paper .They were 19 teams and about four members per team. In the time allotted, students made their collages and gave a presentation about their collage to the judges. The criterion for judging was Creativity, Presentation and Content. The activity helped to bring out the creativity in the students.

The event was coordinated by the HR Club Faculty In charge-Prof Priyanka. The student coordinator was Aradhana [III Year BCom]

Winner:  B S Sharvani , Gowthami V, Afreen Noorie A, Chethana Rao N and Kavya B S [III Sem BCom ‘A’]          

Runners-up: Poornima, Luhaisa, Divya and Navya [I Sem BCom ‘A’]


                                                  ‘Arebus’ Finance Club

Event: Analysis of Balance Sheet

Judges: Prof Pravesh Soti, Prof Srilalitha, Prof Shazia and Prof Nagaraju

The event was conducted in Lecture Hall 109 between 10 am and 12 pm.There were 7 teams ranging from 2 to 3 students per team. Students could choose any company’s balance sheet and make a presentation for ten minutes. Ten minutes further was allotted for Question and Answer session. The criterion for judging was Analysis, Presentation and Content. The aim of the activity was to create a learning environment and enhance the skill sets of the students and improve their quantitative and analytical thinking abilities.

 The event was coordinated by the HR Club Faculty In charge-Prof Pravesh Soti

Winners: Prashant Pawar, Pavan P and Rabshan Shariff [V Sem BBA]

Runners-up: D B Moksha and Vaishnavi [V Sem BBA]


                           ‘Mercado Termino’Marketing Club

Event: Radio Advertisement /Jingles

Judges: Prof Crissy Mathew and Prof Roopashree

The competition was held in Lecture Hall 110 between 9:40 am and 11:40 am .There were 22 participants.7 teams were formed with students ranging from two to five per team. The products were shown to the teams on the spot and they had to creatively make an advertisement /jingle for the product. The time given for preparation was 30 minutes. The presentation time was three minutes. The criterion for judging was Creativity, Presentation and Content. All the participant teams displayed innovative thinking and commendable team work and engaged the audience.

The event was coordinated by the HR Club Faculty In charge-Dr Mudita Sinha. The student coordinators were Noel and Prajwal Singh [III Sem BBA]

Winners: Cannyson and Damon Lang [III Sem BBA]

Runners-up: Mohsin Patel [III Sem BCom ‘B’], Shalini Rout and Rohit Agarwal [III Sem BBA]