The Art of Living YES + Course at DSBA

2017-10-18 19:47:41

Yes plus, is geared specifically for college-aged young adults, and allows them to experience their vast, untapped potential inside themselves. 

The program teaches students to thrive in life and lead with clarity of mind, resilience, purpose and belongingness. One gains a greater vision of who one is and what one wants from one’s life. The youth doing the course have the power to create a life that is on-purpose, as well as the confidence to stretch and grow beyond limiting beliefs, and lead a deeply joyful and fulfilling existence—and to find the leader inside of oneself.


The program was conducted on the IV Floor at DSBA during the college hours by Ms Upasana, Art of Living Volunteer along with Dr [Brig] Sandes- Principal, DSBA on the following days:

                   I Sem BBA-11th Sept to 13th Sept’17

                   I Sem BCom ‘A’ -14th Sept to 16th Sept’17

                   I Sem BCom’B’-21st Sep to 23rd Sept’17

                   I Sem BCA-9th Oct to 11th Oct’17


Ms Upasana taught the timeless spiritual principles like being in the present moment, accepting everyone and accepting all situations, not being carried away by other’s opinions and not to resist things but accept things as they are.

She highlighted the four main principles of Art of living: Present moment is inevitable, expectations reduce the joy, accept everyone and every situation as they are and what you resist persists!

She also told the students not to be football of other’s opinion and smile, be unconditionally happy.

         “Breath is the link between the body and mind. If the mind is a kite the breath is the thread. The longer the thread, the higher the kite can go.” – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Students were taught the breathing techniques-Ujjayi Pranayama, Bhastrika Pranayama, Chanting OM thrice, yoga postures and Sudarshan Kriya on all the days .

Fun activities were conducted for the students -that built confidence, conquer inhibitions; focus which helped them to take on multiple roles, and practise of meditation influenced them positively.

On the last day students presented delectable food as they had to come up with snacks/ savoury / sweets but with a condition that they could not use fire to cook their food!

At the end of the programme students found an improvement in their breathing which made them calmer, their moods improved, energy increased and now, they were able to connect better with themselves and others.