National Service Scheme Camp Report

2017-10-18 19:47:41

National Service Scheme (NSS) at Dayanada Sagar Business Academy is spearheaded by the NSS Programme Officer Prof. Kasthuri Gopal, who has always instilled in the minds of the students, a sense of responsibility and involvement in community service. Some of the NSS activities accomplished so far by the NSS volunteers include; teaching students in government schools, conducting rallies for awareness and cleanliness related activities.  

A great opportunity came by way of the NSS volunteers when they were offered a chance to attend the NSS camp. It was held from 2nd Oct to 7th Oct’17 at the NSS Bhavan, Bangalore.

37 DSBA volunteers willingly accepted to be part of the camp to learn, share, serve and enjoy this glorious experience. The NSS Programme Officer Prof. Kasthuri Gopal was also with the volunteers to guide them.                          


                                                          Day One-2nd Oct’17

“If we want to teach real peace in this world, we should start educating children”  -Mahatma Gandh

The volunteers were blessed to start their camp on the auspicious 148th birth anniversary of Bapu ji. Every year in Gandhi Bhavan, Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations take place. The NSS volunteers throughout Bangalore are invited to attend the same. The volunteers of Dayananda Sagar Business Academy also attended the programme . Mr. Siddaramaiah, Honorable Chief Minister; H.K Patil, Minister; H.S Doreswamy, Freedom Fighter; Patil Puttappa, Writer and Journalist; P.S Harsha, IPS Officer and various other dignitaries were present at the occasion.

The speakers gave their strong inputs based on their own experiences on government and ethical personality and said that praising someone in true sense meant one should follow their principles religiously ,and  controlling of oneself is Swaraj. These were the values that Gandhiji believed in.

After lunch, M Srinivas, the NSS Coordinator of Bangalore University briefed the volunteers about how camp work is conducted .The students were divided into four teams; each team would take in charge of the day’s events. Every team would have a team leader and a deputy team leader. 


Team one-        Chandrasekhar Azad                      Team two-           Onake Obava

Team leader-   Nikhil [5thsemester BCom]             Team leader- Gayathri [5th semester BCA]
Deputy leader-  Lasya 5th semester BCom              Deputy leader- [Tejesh 5th semester]


Team three-     Bhagath Singh                                Team four-    APJ Abdul Kalam
Team leader-   Surya [5thsemester BCom]             Team leader- Venkat Akhil [5thsemester BBA]   
Deputy leader- Soundarya [3rd semester BCA]      Deputy leader- Kavya BS [3rd semester BCom]


                                                      Day Two–3rd Oct’17

“In a gentle way you can shake the world”  -Mahatma Gandhi

Team two- Onake Obava took over the charge of the day  

In the morning, Yoga was practiced by the volunteers under the guidance of Mr. Ravi Shankar, a volunteer himself. At 9am, three teams were taken for shramadhan to the Bio Park where they had to cut over grown plants and one team stayed back for the maintenance of the camp. Mr. Renuka Prasad, a geologist addressed the volunteers about the uses, benefits of the plants. He also encouraged and praised the volunteers.

Lunch was served at 12:30 pm after which time was given to the team to prepare for the cultural show. At 2:00 pm a session on the importance of communication, attitude & anger management was conducted by Mr. Kothri. He holds an MBA in International Marketing and PGDBA from St. Joseph College, Bangalore. A bouquet was made from the flowers available at the premise and presented to him. The volunteers’ enjoyed the session as they were able to connect with his thoughts quickly. He appreciated the volunteers’ too.

Team 2 hosted the cultural activities. Mr. Srinivas was the chief guest. Miss Sharvani BS was the MC. A skit was enacted by team two depicting the life of Onake Obava. Volunteers also spoke about women leaders. A classical dance performance was give by Ms Saranya.

The day ended on a high note.


                                                        Day Three- 4th Oct’17

“Without action you aren’t going anywhere”  –Mahatma Gandhi

Team 4- APJ Abdul Kalam took the charge of the day.

The chief guest for the flag hoisting was Mr. Nagabhushan .Mr. Srinivas was also present. The team leader Venkat Akhil escorted the guests for the flag hoisting. This was followed by the NSS anthem and national anthem. The floor was decorated with rangoli, flower rangoli and a picture of Abdul Kalam was also drawn.

Mr. Nagabhushan was the yoga trainer for the day. A survivor of cancer himself, he said good old Indian traditional methods such as yoga and homeopathy have helped save his life.

The power of yoga was strongly felt by all after hearing his experience. The leader spoke about Abdul Kalam. At 9am the volunteers attended the shramadhan conducted in the Bio Park.

After lunch Mr. Nikhil, Mr. Balaji, Mr. Ashwin, Miss Gayathri, Miss Gowthami, and Miss Sharvani attended the inaugural function of Dr. B R Ambedkar School of Economics (BASE) at Dr. B R Ambedkar Bhavan, Bangalore. Dr. Manmohan Singh, Honorable Former Prime Minister of India: Mr. Siddaramaiah, Chief Minister of Karnataka: Dr. Rangarajan Chairman of Madras School of Economics and other ministers were invited for the inauguration. The volunteers were thrilled when they saw the guests and were enthralled by the speeches given by them.

Meanwhile, at the camp, a session on the methods of defense was conducted by Mr. Manu, a karate trainer who told the students about defense and its importance. Karate techniques, mind game and a talk on freedom fighters was also included. This was a refreshing session for the students.

 Cultural show was organized by the same team. Skit, dance, and songs were part of it. All teams participated in pick and speak activity .


                                                          Day Four-5th Oct’17 

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”  -Mahatma Gandhi

Team three escorted the Chief Guest Mr. Sarvanan and Mr. Srinivas for the flag hoisting. This was followed by the anthem sung by the volunteers.  

What a great start to the fourth day! An energizing workout was taught by Mr. Sarvanan, the aerobics trainer who was appreciated for his simplicity, punctuality and also for his enthusiasm. His energetic aerobics steps on three songs enthused the volunteers who had great fun.

After breakfast the volunteers were taken for shramadhan, this time to a different place. They had to dig mud around the plants and put the fertilizers in it. The fertilizers had to be carried in baskets and taken to the plants. The volunteers learnt how difficult it is to do such work. And thanked the farmers for the hard work. Mr. Renuka Prasad appreciated the work done and treated them to soft drinks, which quenched their thirst. The volunteers were then taken in a tractor to a lake in the same locality which was truly enjoyed by all.

And the saying “It is the things we work hardest for that will reward us the most” was proved!

Lunch was followed with a session by Mr. Satyam Gambir, Founder of University of Commons and Mr. Prem co-founder of the same. Mr. Satyam, a software engineer by profession ended up paying more attention to the struggles of life and people and hence decided to change that and began working for a cause. His aims include inspiring young people to take up leadership positions in the community development space. He talked about the current situation of the country in context with what could be done to change it for the better. He then introduced the Leadership Journey programme which is a six weekend journey, where students will be able to build skills, help bring changes and be part of various other activities.

Cultural show happened in the evening .Dance and skits which depicted social situations were enacted by the team.

The day ended well.


                                                             Day Five-6th Oct’17

“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching"  -Mahatma Gandhi.

Team 1 escorted the guests Mr. Sarvanan and Mr. Srinivas for flag hosting after which the National Anthem & NSS Anthem were song.

The aerobics trainer Mr. Sarvanan was called again to train the volunteers.

Shramadhan was then conducted where the volunteers’ had to cut the over grown plants/did weeding. And the team which stayed back cleared the plastics from the camp area.

After lunch, Dr [Brig] Sandes took a session on mental health & how important it is to overcome the stress and keep the mind calm.

Time was given for preparation for the cultural show. A skit on Mr. Chandrashekar Azad’s life was enacted by the team.                              


                                                          Day six-7th Oct’17

“Be the change that you want to see the world”  -Mahatma Gandhi

All the team leaders and the deputy leaders conducted the events for the day. Flag hosting was done by Prof. Kasturi Gopal.

A session on Swatch Bharath was conducted by Mr. Anand who is the social activist. He showed some videos which were concerning the effects of pollution on animals which provoked a sense of responsibility in the volunteers’.

It was followed by the valedictory function; wherein, the flag was respectfully handed over by the leaders to the NSS Programme Officer Prof. Kasthuri Gopal and that marked formally the close of the camp.

Mr. Srinivas selected two Volunteers’ Mr. Nikhil and Ms. Sharvani. B. S. for the National Integration Camp to be held in the month of January, 2018.

Thus, the camp ended successfully.  

It was a week filled with new healthy beginnings, friendships, hard work, nature, challenge and lots of fun!