Visit to KSDL

Industrial visits are important for students as they can relate their theoretical knowledge to practical aspects, in terms of industrial unit operations, process, design concepts, as well as their impact on environment and society. Visiting a company helps in giving a practical perspective on the world of work.

On 27th Feb 2017, VI Sem BBM and II Sem BCA students were taken for an Industrial visit to Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited [KSDL] located at Rajajinagar, Bangalore. Students left the college campus at 12:30 pm by the college bus and returned at 4:45pm.The students were accompanied by Mr Basil [Corporate relations Manager], Prof Crissy and Prof Chaitanya [Class coordinators of the respective classes]

KSDL was established in 1916, and in the early 20th century, the Mysore Kingdom in India was one of the largest producers of sandalwood in the world. It has completed a century in providing mesmerising products.

Mr Balakrishna escorted the students inside and gave a presentation regarding the origin of the industry, explained step by step process of making the soaps and detergents and highlighted the uniqueness of the soap / detergent. He narrated in detail about the various ingredients used in making both –soaps and detergents, progress made by the organization in the use of technology which has resulted in manufacturing good quality products to suit their customers satisfaction! He also said that KSDL owns a Geographical Indication tag which ensures their product maintains quality and prevents piracy / unauthorised use by others in the similar business.

The students were taken around the factory premises wherein they saw the hard working labourers and the hurdles they encountered while making the KSDL products. There were explained about the manufacturing and the marketing system of their brands. It was then the students realised the uniqueness of the KSDL brand.

Later, the students were taken to the packing section of the Mysore Sandal Soap where they saw all the machines that enabled the packing –from the intermediate stage of packing to the final stages. They also saw the way the logo and brand of the world famous Mysore Sandal Soap gets imprinted.

Visiting the company gave the students a practical perspective on the world of work.