Dynamic Outbound Training for the first year students

Confidence comes from discipline and training“

                                                                                                                       - Robert Kiyosaki

The first year students were all charged up to be part of DSBA’s annual outbound outing to Ramnagara, located about 50 kms from Bangalore. It was conducted by Coral Marketing Group

The dates for the DOT Program were as follows:

II Sem BBA students -19th Mar’18 to 20th Mar’18.They were accompanied by Prof Meera Krishnan and Dr Surekha Nayak.

  II Sem BCom Section ‘A’ students -21st Mar’18 to 22nd Mar’18 .They were accompanied by Prof Arun Kumar Shetty and Prof Keerthishree.

    II Sem BCom Section‘B’ and II Sem BCA students -23rd Mar’18 to 24th Mar’18.They were accompanied by Prof Rupashree, Prof Chaitanya and Prof Prakasha.

Students set out for the campsite at 10 am and it took about 1 hr. to reach the destination. At Ramnagara, Mr Yashaswi Kumar V from Coral Marketing welcomed each one and suggested that all have breakfast before the activities commenced. After a hearty breakfast, students gathered at the activity area at 12 pm. Mr Sunil-the instructor gave a brief on the day’s happenings. The activities planned were passing the marble, inverse ring, target lift and more; all were aimed at experiential learning. In the evening, students were engaged in Rappelling activity which enhanced their confidence and they overcame mental blocks. After a tea and snack break students were taught to pitch tents. Dinner was served at 8 pm and later at 8:30 pm bonfire was lit. Students sang, danced and played games before dropping off to sleep after a tiring and eventful day.

Students woke up early and were ready by 6 am. Short warm up activities were conducted .Students were raring for a long challenging trek along different terrains across ‘a few hills’ which was full of adventure and unpredictability .It involved scrambling too. After an exhausting four hour walk, students with whetted appetite gorged on the delicious hot breakfast .Students were told to assemble at 11 am in the activity area. Two groups were formed. One group went for Chimney climbing and the other did Jumaring activity. Both activities, taught students to test their strengths, limits as well as a new skill. The students then proceeded for Ziplining. One got close to nature and had a bird’s eye view of ground locations .It was an adrenaline –pumping activity, a combo of thrill and fun. After a fun filled day of adventure students were served lunch. At 3 pm the students gave their feedback about the outbound training programme to Mr Sunil and proceeded back to college.  

The activities in the outdoor environment developed the skills and talents within students so that they can utilize them for the betterment in life.