YES! + Program for first Year Students

2018-10-10 07:39:15

Art of Living’s Youth Empowerment & Skills workshop (YES!+) is a powerful life-skills program designed to accelerate personal all-round excellence. YES!+ provides students with a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle through practical tools and life skills which help manage stress and emotions. The program helps motivate one to succeed and make healthy choices when faced with life’s challenges.

It was conducted for the first-year students on the IV Floor Hall by Ms Eesha Buwa, Wellness Coach & Ayush Ministry of India Certified Level-2 Yoga teacher. She has a penchant for travelling and has travelled across the globe as a cabin attendant with Qatar Airways. Her passion is to inspire people to practise yoga for healthy body and stress-free mind. She is practising and teaching yoga for three years in Bangalore to national and international yoga enthusiasts. They range from government officials, corporate managers and students from Japan, Sweden, France, Africa etc. Her core competences are yoga, teaching, health & wellness, fitness, modelling, writing, yoga retreats and counselling. To combine yoga and travelling and spread the knowledge of yoga and meditation, learning languages and reading feature in her interests.

Dr [Brig] Sandes, Principal DSBA also conducted some of the sessions on the following days:

I Semester BCom ‘A’& BBA-24th September’18 to 26th September’18

I Semester BCom ‘B’ & BCA-27th September’18 to 29th September’18

An introductory session was conducted prior to the program.

 In this course, the students learnt the following:

 *Easily learned tension-releasing yoga exercises.

*Revitalizing breathing techniques that increases energy and deeply relaxes body and mind.

*Natural principles of effective living to get the most out of one’s life.

*Guided interactive processes ... that ensured lots of fun during the programme

*Sudarshan Kriya- an immensely powerful technique that incorporates specific natural rhythms of breath to release stress and purify the entire system by releasing toxins.


By the end of the course, the students were equipped with specific techniques that they can practice every day. The benefits accrued were not just for the duration of the programme but for life. By practising the technique, one benefits from reduced stress, improved health and wellness, heightened enthusiasm, greater concentration, improved self-esteem, greater creativity and clarity of mind, increased physical energy and enhanced interpersonal skills.

On the last day, the students let their hair down by indulging in a fun activity called ‘Fireless cooking’. Ms Eesha Buwa, Dr. [Brig] Sandes, Dr Veena K N [Dean, DSBA], Prof Nikitha Sreekantha [HOD], Prof Lakshmi kantha, Prof Roopashree, Prof Shrithi, Prof Chaitanya [Class Co-ordinators of I Sem BCom Á’, BCom ‘B’, BBA and BCA]and some faculty were invited to taste the sumptuous array of savouries and desserts prepared by the enthusiastic students.

Overall, the programme helped the students to remain calm, relaxed, more knowledgeable, happier and healthier with easy-to-use tools that they can use to make better decisions and improve their quality of life.