Industrial Visit to KSDL

2018-10-10 08:19:06

The final Year BCom-A students were taken to the Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited [KSDL] on 26th September’18. The bus departed from the college campus at 2 pm and reached the factory premises at 2.30 pm. Prof Srilalitha, the Class coordinator of III BCom -A accompanied the students.

The aim of the industrial visit is to go beyond academics, as an industrial visit provides students’ a practical perspective of the work place and gives an opportunity to the students to learn practically through interaction, the working methods and employment practices. The undergraduates were taken to KSDL to understand the manufacturing process of the well-known soap- the Mysore Sandal soap! This soap belongs to one of those products that every household in India has either used it or heard of it irrespective of one’s standard of living.

The students were explained and shown an AV on the history of this magnificent company. The then king of Mysore, Krishna Raj Wadiyar IV set up the factory at Bangalore and it is now under the Government of Karnataka. Apparently, the excess of sandalwood reserves gave way to these products. Now, the growth of sandalwood trees is highly encouraged and the company has taken many steps to get people to grow sandalwood saplings in their farms, estates and gardens.

Mr. Balasubramanyam (employee of KSDL) also explained that this soap is the only soap in the world that is made of 100% pure sandalwood oil. The students were aghast to know the product line of the company that ranges from products like soaps, detergents, handwash to powder, incense sticks, perfumes and more. They also have a wide range of soaps that costs upto Rs. 800.He also spoke about the process of making the soap and the students were shown the process too. This gave them an understanding of one of the familiar brands that originated in Karnataka. Mr. Balasubramanyam had created a very friendly and positive learning environment at KSDL.

The students were thankful to the college for providing them a glimpse of the actual working environment and the valuable knowledge that they had received at KSDL