Training Program for CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification

2018-10-24 21:44:19

IT professionals with certifications on their resume command better jobs, earn higher salaries and have varied job opportunities. Three of the “Top 10 Certifications” that help IT workers get jobs are the CompTIA certifications. CompTIA certification is the best way to demonstrate one’s competency and knowledge and these certifications are vendor neutral – which means that certified professionals can proficiently work with variety of hardware and software found in most organizations.

CompTIA IT Fundamentals confirms a basic familiarity with computer hardware, software, compatibility, security, preventative maintenance and green IT.

30- hour training program for CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification was conducted for Second Year and Final Year BCA Students from 3rd October’18 to 10th October’18 at DSBA Computer Lab.

The trainer was Prof Hemant Uppala-Asst Prof. & Head - UG Studies [BCA] at Dayananda Sagar Institutions. Before joining Dayananda Sagar Institutions in November 2009 as a senior lecturer, Prof Uppala has worked in Educational Institution and VVS College as a lecturer. He is presently pursuing PhD programme at Pondicherry University. He has a diploma in Instructional Design and is a certified CompTIA professional himself!

The session commenced with information about IT infrastructure, software development and database use. In days to follow, he covered troubleshooting and preventative maintenance of devices, essential skills and information about network and security, and the way the authorised users hack. The trainer practically showed and explained the input devices and working of the CPU. The students also got to know the difference between 32bit and 64bit. Prof Hemant also mentioned to the students that it’s imperative that the users have to keep themselves updated with new technologies and knowing the likes of Ubuntu and Redhat etc helps one for advancement in IT career. Towards the end of the session, the students gained knowledge about the preparation for the CompTIA exam. A practise test was conducted to help reinforce and test what they learnt and close the knowledge gaps where required.

The students intend taking CompTIA Certification Examination before the close of the academic year. They felt that the training for certification program was fruitful, comprehensive and worthy!