One Day Training Session on Presentation Skills

One day training session on ‘Presentation Skills’ was conducted by CIL [Centre for Innovation & Leadership] for the II Year BCom ‘B’ section students on 21st Jan’19 in Room 104 from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Ms Latha Nahar was the facilitator of the training program. Ms Latha Nahar, a freelance Trainer believes that skill development is the only KEY to SUCCESS. Ms Latha Nahar is a Certified Learning & Development Professional, Certified Accenture GRF trainer, and has PGDBA (Marketing) from Symbiosis. She owns the circle of excellence for Business Communication, New Hires & Etiquette training. She has an experience that spans over 13 years in Behavioral training, Process Training and she is known for her engaging & humorous delivery style. Her understanding of human behaviour and ability to create a safe learning environment has led to success of her programs. She has gained experience in facilitation, having delivered training to executives and top management. The session began with Ms Latha Nahar stating the importance of the presentation skills - having good presentation skills in life is really important and to help ace one’s presentation Ms Latha shared tips on public speaking and improving the communication skills. An activity called ‘Traffic Lights’ was conducted. It was a self-awareness activity-the student had to first introspect and later speak about their qualities which was then categorized under three colours-yellow, red and green. In the next activity, the students had to use adjectives and describe the person sitting next to them in three sentences. This was followed by two communication skills activities -one was a team event; wherein, the team had to sell a product and the other was an individual activity where the students had to sell themselves for the post of a marketing executive. To wrap up, Ms Nahar asked the students to sum up the entire session. This helped some students to overcome stage fright and eliminate fear of public speaking. The students recognized the importance of presentation and communication skills and they felt the training session was interactive and insightful. Rifha Mariame