Presentation skills training for II Year BCA Students

CIL [Centre for Innovation & Leadership] conducted one -day training session for II Year BCA students on 5th Feb’19 between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm in Room 104.Ms Latha Nahar was the trainer for the session on ‘Presentation Skills’. Ms Latha Nahar, a freelance Trainer believes that skill development is the only KEY to SUCCESS. Ms Latha Nahar is a Certified Learning & Development Professional, Certified Accenture GRF trainer, and has PGDBA (Marketing) from Symbiosis. She owns the circle of excellence for Business Communication, New Hires & Etiquette training. She has an experience that spans over 13 years in Behavioral training, Process Training and she is known for her engaging & humorous delivery style. Her understanding of human behaviour and ability to create a safe learning environment has led to success of her programs. She has gained experience in facilitation, having delivered training to executives and top management. Ms Latha Nahar did an excellent job of making us understand what kind of human beings we are. She made us introduce ourselves again although we know our classmates’ quite well in these 1½ years. This activity reminded us of those days when we were all strangers. She divided us into groups to encourage team work and her intention was to make us overcome our stage fear or any other kind of weakness that we possessed. In the first activity we were asked to rate our personalities and this was represented by way of colours of the traffic light; then we had a group activity wherein, we had to make a presentation, advertise and sell a product. We had to compare ourselves with the brand names, identify the good / best qualities in it and corelate it with our own personality. Next activity was once again a group activity. Here, we were given a chance to market DSBA, our institution, state the reasons we are here and promote our college. In the end, we had to give an overall review of the day’s session to the trainer. It was a fun filled day with us exhibiting our talents. The session was informative, enjoyable, very interesting and incredibly useful. Shrestha Shripathi