Training Session on Communication Skills with Public Speaking

A training session on ‘Communication Skills with Public Speaking’ was conducted by CIL [Centre for Innovation & Leadership] for I Year BBA & BCA students on 25 Jan’19 in Room 104 from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

The instructor for the training session was Ms Latha Nahar. She is a freelance Trainer who believes that skill development is the only KEY to SUCCESS. Ms Latha Nahar is a Certified Learning & Development Professional, Certified Accenture GRF trainer, and has PGDBA (Marketing) from Symbiosis. She owns the circle of excellence for Business Communication, New Hires & Etiquette training. She has an experience that spans over 13 years in Behavioral training, Process Training and she is known for her engaging & humorous delivery style. Her understanding of human behaviour and ability to create a safe learning environment has led to success of her programs. She has gained experience in facilitation, having delivered training to executives and top management.

Good communication skills as well as public speaking skills are essential in today’s world as these are the qualities an employer seeks in college graduates. Both these skills enrich a person’s personal and professional life and the benefits of possessing these skills are innumerable. All activities conducted during the day centred around the significance of these skills.


Ice breaker was the first activity. In this communication activity, the students had to introduce their partners- state their names, aims and passions. Based on the first activity, the students were given insight into the communication process-link between the sender and the receiver and in the next activity the students had to present the steps undergone by the receiver and that included listening, probing, clarifying, summarizing and paraphrasing.  The third activity was traffic lights. Red, yellow and green were columns under which the students had to write down their strengths and weaknesses. Based on the divulgence, analysation was done at the end of the session. Human machine was the next team activity; wherein, the students had to enact one machine using just their body part and later describe what they had become during their enactment.

The next communication activity was a group discussion. In this activity, a picture was shown and each individual had to express what they saw in a picture. This activity required each one to listen patiently to the other’s view point and their perceptions. Emotional Hero was the succeeding activity. The students were given a task of giving an interview to the HR Manager and this activity called-for being emotionally stable! The trainer gave 15 minutes for preparation and the participants had to go confidently to the dais for the interview. In the last activity called crazy diagrams, the students had to sketch a machine on a blank paper and use their communication skills to explain the components.

The training session was insightful and interactive. The range of activities conducted appealed to everyone and many things in the session could be thought about from a new perspective.


                                                                                                                        Nishchitha Yadav