Alumni Meet 2019

                            “A trip to nostalgia now and then is good for the spirit”

                                                                                                                      Dan Bartolovic


The Third Alumni Meet was conducted at DSBA on 9 March’19 from 11:30 onwards at the IV Floor B Block. The meet was coordinated by Prof Nikitha Sreekantha, HOD.Alumni from batches 2013-2016, 2014-2017 and 2015-2018 attended the meet. The final year students were also part of the gathering. Dr [Brig] Sandes, Principal-DSBA, Dr Veena K N, Dean-DSBA and faculty were present on the occasion.




The excited alumni had an opportunity to meet their colleagues and seniors and see the college once again with heartfelt memories. After the Alumni registration process, Prof Nikitha welcomed the alumni and stated her happiness on seeing them back at the portals of the institution. She briefly spoke about the preamble of having an Alumni Association, purpose and its importance and also mentioned that the alumni present can contest for the post of the Vice President, Secretary of the Alumni Association and nominate themselves as representative for the batch 2015-2018.


There was a cultural dance show by the second year BCom students. It began with a group dance by Ms Divyashree, Ms Naveena, Ms Navya and Ms Nayana K Rao. It was followed by a solo dance by Mr Darshan. Mr Surya [Batch ’15- ‘18] known for his dancing skills, was invited by the students for an impromptu jig. 


Dr Sandes addressed the gathering. He reminisced his alumni meets and spoke at length about the role of an Alumni Association by stating examples of some alumni associations in the city & country which are very active and vibrant. He also called for having a common date to celebrate this reunion every year so as to strengthen the alumni network over the years. He told the alumni to touch base and communicate the same to all the existing alumni. It’s essential that they come to their alma mater on the Alumni meet day in large numbers and share their experiences and ideas and help strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, and the parent organization. The Principal also mentioned that alumni can have chapter meetings wherever they are and they can just convey the proceedings of their meets to the institution.


Dr Veena welcomed the alumni and voiced similar thoughts. She told the alumni present that everyone at the institution will always wish well for the ex- students and would like meet them at least once a year, to hear about their success; the positive and good things that are happening in their lives.  She also reiterated that the alumni can meet one another any time in a place of their convenience but only hoped that they formalise their meetings and inform the institution about the same. She expected them to be a responsible citizen, and play an important role by contributing to the society.


On a positive note, alumni present committed some of their time during the weekends to engage and help DSBA students in a meaningful way. Without further ado, they enthusiastically pledged: Ms Lavanya, Mr Aditya [Batch ’13- ‘16] and Mr Nikhil [Batch ’15- ‘18] said that they will come to the campus on designated days, interact and help juniors -to enhance their communication and interview skills, share their ideas and offer suggestions for placements, conduct training sessions and mock interviews and mentor students. Mr Abhilash [Batch ’14-’17, from NCC Unit] has been coming to the college every week as a volunteer and helps NCC cadets with their training. Mr Syed Sulaiman [Batch’13- ’16, Muay Thai Champion] has been conducting self-defence training sessions for girls annually.


Ms Lavanya, President-Alumni Association invited students to volunteer for the post of Vice President, Secretary and batch representative. The following alumni joined the office bearers of the association:

Vice President- Mr Abhilash [Batch ’14- ‘17] & Mr Nikhil [Batch ‘15- ‘18]

Secretary- Ms Vaishnavi [Batch ’15- ‘18]

Cultural Secretary -Mr Surya [Batch ’15- ‘18]



The existing and new office bearers took an oath of office. Ms Lavanya and Mr Aditya [Treasurer] professed that they would come to the institution more often, provide guidance and offer suggestions and ensure that the alumni meet will have robust alumni attendance. Mr Surya and Ms Moksha [Batch ’15- ‘18] came forward and nostalgically recounted their wonderful memories as a student.



It was decided that henceforth, alumni meet will be conducted in the 2nd week of Sept.

Prof Meera Krishnan proposed a vote of thanks and the alumni were given a memento each.

To capture the moments, a group photograph was taken! This was followed by lunch.