Outbound-Life Skills Training for II Sem BCom-A Section Students


                   “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

           Helen Keller


We, the students of II Sem BCom Á Section departed from college at 9:45 am on 20th Mar’19 to our destination -Eagles Unbound at Kaggalipura, Kanakapura Road with Prof Roopashree and Prof Shrithi.

Eagles Unbound provides a platform for self-discovery, self-development through adventure activities while inculcating a love for the outdoors and the environment. Thereby, youth, grow into a confident and a balanced personality capable of handling all challenges that life will throw at them.

At the venue, we met Brig Amardeep Singh, President- Eagles Unbound and his trainers and they briefed us about our two-day stay. We were given a room to settle ourselves and this was followed by a sumptuous breakfast. At 11 am, after the heavy breakfast, we began our activities. We were first divided into eight groups. Our first activity was a snake race which began at 11:30 am. It was a team obstacle activity. The groups were further divided into four teams having 8-11 members. The teams were given names. We had to hold an elongated object termed as snake and ensure that, it didn’t touch the ground while we performed the activity. This activity included number of obstacles like spider’s web, single wall, giant slide, double wall etc. This test was basically a task of cooperation, team spirit and physical stamina but teams were quite competitive. Activity two was a mind game. The students were asked to answer many brain teaser riddles. One of them was- How many times a day do the minute and hour hands of a clock overlap? This activity taught those who have short attention spans to remain focused/ concentrate. The third activity was wall climbing. The climbing wall was an artificially constructed wall with grips for hands and feet. Students were given safety equipment like helmet and harness. Some students made it to the top quite easily as they had the stamina while others struggled. The trainers kept motivating and encouraging the students throughout the activity. This activity helped develop endurance.

The gruelling physical activities left everyone hungry. At the end of it, delicious lunch was laid out for us. After lunch, the activities continued. The third activity was high rope challenge course-Burma bridge: There were two ropes and we had to cover a horizontal distance walking on one rope and holding the other above our head. Enough safety measures were ensured by the trainers, even if one fell, one wouldn’t hurt oneself. The second challenge was the swinging bridge. This challenge was a wonderful opportunity to understand the limits of one’s physical and mental endurance levels. Jumping from one plank to another required a leap of faith in testing one’s judgement capabilities. It also needed instant decision making like quickly moving across the rope way or waiting to balance, besides, overcoming personal bounds and hurdles due to fear. Nevertheless, it was a tad scary and for some thrilling. This exhilarating activity truly tested balance and unity of the mind and body.

Next set of activities were archery and shooting. Both shooting and archery were a fun and challenging achievement-oriented event. The instructors showed us the basics i.e. how to safely handle the bow, aiming techniques etc. Same with air gun shooting -we were taught to   load, aim, shoot. It was followed by all of us attempting to do the same. Our strength and accuracy were tested.

After doing these activities, all of us were exhausted and restless. We were taken to the Raindance arena. Rain dance was a fun activity where we got wet and danced with the loud music playing around. We jumped with joy for the next one and half hours in a state of absolute dance-bliss!

We freshened up after the rain dance, had some hot soup and relaxed. We had our dinner at 8 p.m. A campfire was lit for us. Once again, we enjoyed singing and dancing around the campfire. We were taught to pitch tents and when we were ready, we snuggled inside our tents. It was a wonderful experience to sleep in a tent under the open sky.

The next morning, at 5:30 am, all of us were wide awake. We had some tea and biscuits and were ready to do yoga and meditation which was conducted by Dr [Brig] Sandes, Principal-DSBA. This was followed by breakfast.

Once again, we were back at the activity area to do a new set of activities. In the Low rope course, we again improved on leadership development, communication, teamwork skills and strategies. The next activity was zipline- an ultra-exhilarating experience. It was perfect for those seeking an adrenaline rush and it was no surprise that each student was ready with helmet, harness, leather gloves to get the thrill.

Team building competitive activities were conducted; wherein, one of the activities was – to rearrange jumbled odd and even numbers in the quickest possible time. After a tasty lunch, students packed and were ready to leave the venue to get back to college.

Everyone was in praise of the trainers who were so encouraging, the well-thought -out training schedule, the briefing sessions, safety equipment, sumptuous food and accommodation. It was perfectly organized and it was a wonderful learning experience which helped us in our individual and team growth!


                                                                                                                                Bhavya H P