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Orientation on Domain Specific Certification Program-1

Orientation on ‘Domain Specific Certification Program- Advanced Digital Marketing and Financial Modelling’ was scheduled on 22nd August 2019 at 11:30 am at the 4th floor Seminar Hall for 5th semester BBA and BCom students.

Prof Nikitha Sreekantha-HOD addressed the students and informed them that the Domain Specific Certification Program has been introduced for the first time for final year BCom and BBA students .Orientation will be given to all the three programs namely Financial Modelling, Advanced Digital Marketing and Global Online Trading Certification and the students can choose any one certification programs of their interest.

To begin with, irrespective of the choice of certification, the students will be provided with aptitude training for 30 hours in the odd semester [2019-2020] itself. Aptitude training will help assess students in terms of their skills, knowledge, ability and personality. Aptitude is ability, and one should gradually develop it. There is no shortcut on how to master it. Hence, this training will help students analyse their performance and develop themselves.

In the beginning of the even semester [2019-2020], once the students make their choice of certification, 30 hours of certification program will be conducted. Financial Modelling and Advanced Digital Marketing will be conducted by NICT and Global Online Trading Certification by Trakinvest.

Prof Nikitha cautioned the students that they should maintain 100% attendance during the certification program and their performance during the program and their attendance will be integrated with their internal marks; ten marks out of thirty internal assessment marks will be allocated towards the certification program. Next, she introduced Mr. Supreeth Garla, the trainer of the session to the audience. 

Mr. Supreeth Garla is the Executive Director of NICT Computer Education Pvt Ltd. He is Google AdWords certified, is well versed with Social Media, Email and Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Design and a Business Consultant. 

Mr. Supreeth Garla addressed the students and explained the importance of the above-mentioned certification programs. He emphasized that these certifications not only enhance one’s specialization skills but also help students face the challenges of the future organizational requirement. He further gave a detailed overview of both the programs and stated their importance in the contemporary world.   

In Financial Modelling, he briefed the students about excel proficiency and introduced them to concepts such as financial modelling, financial statement analysis, corporate finance, franchise development model, project finance in manufacturing sector, merger and acquisition in IT sector, ratio analysis and equity research modelling in retail sector.

In Advanced Digital Marketing, he gave a gist of the topics that will covered during the course of the certification and explained the topics -Website planning and structure, facebook advance strategies, Google ad words advance level, affiliating marketing and Ad Sense, LinkedIn and Twitter marketing, online display and shopping advertising. 

Students got a fair idea of both the certifications and now look forward to the orientation of the third certification program, so that they can quickly come up with their choice!