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Report on NSS School Activity-2

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it

                                                                                                                              -Robert Swan   

NSS volunteers of Dayananda Sagar Business Academy have been visiting government schools to create awareness about different social issues for quite some years. On 20th September 2019, ten NSS volunteers from 3rd Semester BCom- B section visited Karnataka Public School, Kaggalipura- a government school, to create awareness against the usage of plastic and tobacco, as a part of NSS school activity program. This program is carried out by the NSS unit in association with Akshaya Patra Foundation. 

The volunteers reached the venue by 1:30 pm and were excited to meet the students. This awareness program was conducted for the 6th std. and 7th std. students. The volunteers were split into two teams for conducting the program. The program started with an ice-breaking session in which the middle school students were asked to introduce their partners and share their interests. This was followed by a small skit performed by the volunteers to educate students about the harmful effects of plastics. Then the students were informed about the various alternatives available and hence plastic usage can be totally eliminated.

Later, another skit was performed to educate the students about the effects of using tobacco after which they were given detailed information about the ill effects caused by it and preventive measures were also communicated to them. They were also instructed to spread the message they learnt that day in their neighbourhood. The students interacted with the volunteers and enjoyed the novel method of learning by way of skits. The program ended by 4:30 pm .The volunteers received very good feedback from the students. They were also appreciated by the school teachers for their able performance.

NSS unit was very happy to receive a positive feedback from Smt. Varalakshmi, Head Mistress, Karnataka Public School, Kaggalipura about the session conducted at their school in an audiovisual format. The volunteers were also encouraged to conduct these kinds of sessions for their students on various topics like cleanliness, self-discipline in the coming weeks.

NSS volunteers are now eagerly waiting to conduct the sessions on the requested topics.

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