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Knowledge Sharing Session among DSBA Faculty

Higher educational institutions must embrace an inevitable endeavour for knowledge sharing among their faculty members to help promote quality teaching and research and succeed in achieving the goals of higher education, thus taking it to greater heights!

In tune with its mission of propelling and encouraging faculty development, DSBA Finance Faculty team-Prof Usha, Prof Shrithi, Prof Roopashree, Prof Nazeer Pasha, Prof Kasthuri Gopal, Prof Rajani , Prof Nagaraju and Prof Meera Seshanna presented their standpoint on the ‘China’s Economic Slowdown’ on 3rd Dec 2019. DSBA faculty assembled at G-04 at 2:30 pm. Dr [Brig] Sandes-Principal; Dr Veena K N –Dean and Prof Nikitha Sreekantha-HOD were also present during the session. The session was coordinated by Prof Usha G and Prof Nazeer Pasha.

Prof Usha gave an introduction to the topic ‘Slowdown in China’s economy’ and elaborated on reasons for the same-ongoing trade war between USA and China ,one child policy, debts and defaults, investment and infrastructure, ineffective labour laws  and lack of homegrown man power talent. In her presentation, Prof Shrithi spoke about ‘the rapidly growing debt as a major reason for China’s Economy Downfall’. She included Government of China’s debt to GDP, varied Chinese debts, reasons for high corporate debts and concluded her bit with the IMF report and Government’s response and actions.

Prof Roopashree touched upon ‘China’s socialist market economy’; quality of Chinese products and real estate bubble.Prof Nazeer Pasha spoke largely on ‘Regions seeking independence from China’ and included secessionism,secessionist movements in China, Hong Kong’s independence,relationship between China and Hongkong, China against Hong Kongs independence and summarised his viewpoint with does Hong Kong still matter to China economically! 

Prof Kasthuri Gopal dealt with raising cost of energy, renewable energy and China energy production. Prof Rajani analysed from India’s perspective. She highlighted on the opportunities, industries and improvements, 9 facts on the economic rise of India after a delayed start and concluded with an interesting finding-India’s performance across 12 pillars of competitiveness.

Prof Nagaraju stated that there are many reasons for the slowdown of the economy of China and enumerated the reasons for slump and covered reasons like global slowdown, Yuan devaluation and fall in steel demand.Prof Meera Seshanna summed up the session with the reason for such a deliberation. She also stated some facts about China, explained factors for the rapid economic growth of China and accentuated her perspective with an excerpt from an article in MINT. Next she spoke about the decline of Chinese industry, basic facts of India-China trade and ended her talk with China’s slowdown having an impact on India’s bilateral trade. Prof Usha concluded the session by summarizing all the standpoints. The Finance faculty team was open to having a discussion on the topic with the audience.

Prof Nikitha congratulated the team for the invigorating session. Dr Veena and Dr Sandes lauded the unity, collaboration and efforts among Finance faculty members. They also identified some gaps where more work /novel ideas worth exploring was needed. It was felt that similar deliberations on varied topics must continue in the future too; wherein, faculty members must share knowledge among themselves so as to be better prepared for onward transmission to students and community. Sharing a common goal of knowledge results in fulfillment of both- personal and professional life!