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Domain Specific Certification program for II Year Students

Program Title: MS Office & BFSI
Date: 13th January to 25th January 2020.
Class: IV Semester BBA & BCom A and B section
Venue: BBA-Room G 04, BCom 'A'-G 05 & BCom 'B'- G 08
No. of Participants: BBA-34, BCom 'A' section-57, BCom 'B' section-54
Time: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Duration: 42 Hours
Facilitator: Proedge Skill Development and Edutech Pvt. Ltd
Program Objective: In BFSI, to make the students aware of the various services offered, various risks faced by banks and banking innovations; To give them an overview about insurance industry and the structure of the Indian Financial system; in addition skills imparted for tackling group discussion ,interview and grooming skills.
Student Learning Outcome: The student would have acquired relevant, appropriate and adequate technical knowledge together with the professional skills and competencies in the field of Banking Finance Services and Insurance (BFSI) and other soft skills.
The trainers for the sessions from Proedge Skill Development and Edutech Pvt. Ltd were as follows:
Ms Manisha B. Belani is a Freelance Soft Skills and Corporate Trainer; has a PG Diploma in Business Management with experience in client servicing, skill development training, promotions, advertisements, conceptualization of ideas to brand the products, event management, media & PR support, marketing communications tools. She is proficient in organizing conferences and coordinating all the administrative activities; well versed in internal online newsletters, internal communication systems, sales analysis report, sales coordination, and database generation .In addition she has excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills, with proven abilities in team management, customer relationship management and planning and possesses significant leadership experience and conceptualization and implementation of event ideas for better client engagement .

Mr.Shriram Kalamadi is a Certified Financial Planner, NCFM-Level I Professional and an Associate from Insurance Institute of India. He is currently pursing CFA Level II and a Freelance Trainer with Pro Edge in Sales & Financial domain. Mr.Shriram is a Corporate Trainer and conducted training programs on People Management, Communication Skills, Selling Skills, Customer Service, New Employee Inductions in reputed companies. He conducts coaching class for candidates aspiring to be CFP, & Short Duration courses in Basil Excel, Advance Excel & Financial Modelling. He is associated with ProEdge Skill Development and Edutech organisation conducting classes in various Business School on Industry-endorsed and niche training programs for Banking, NBFCs, Insurance, Wealth Management, and Financial Services. He has total of 27 years of overall experience which includes 10 years of sales experience and 17 years in the training and development domain.

Ms Aashika Jain is a Freelance Soft Skills Trainer, Creative Content Writer and a Certified NLP Practitioner. She has a PGPM (Human Resources) from IBS Business School, Mumbai. She has been conducting training sessions in various colleges and creating content for various companies with respect to Soft Skills Training content, blogs, articles, website content, social media content, corporate video script content and quirky one liners .
Mr Shanawaz Pasha is a Chartered Wealth Manager with more than 9.5 years of experience in managing wide range of financial needs, from Equity investments to retirement planning ; more than 2 years of experience in providing training in financial markets and its instruments, Mutual Funds, technical charts, financial planning and conducting investor awareness programmes.
Mr Prasad is a knowledgeable trainer, who has a sound understanding of needed traits for workplace success and a strong ability to train employees in improving those characteristics. He has extensive experience with making presentations, giving assessments and identifying skills training needs. Mr Prasad has a Master's Degree in Public Administration (HRM) and ten years' experience of working as a Freelancer trainer. He is pursuing Six Sigma Belts from Aveta Business Institute.

Mr. Roopesh Salian has Master of Business Administration (MBA) and majored in Marketing. He has 7 Years of Experience in Human Resource, Soft skills & Behavioural Trainings. He is currently employed with Northern Trust as Senior Business Analyst. He has also trained school & college students on Life skills, Behaviors and Personality during weekends. Proficient in training, motivating and leading teams for running successful business process operations with a proven ability of achieving Service Delivery/Process Targets & values. He is also Six Sigma Green Belt trained.

Mr Chandrashekar Arora has an M.A in English literature from Karnataka State Open University, Mysore. He is skilled at Corporate Process training, Soft skills training and Communication skills training. He has worked as a Freelance Trainer, process trainer at HSBC, an associate at 24/7, B'lore [International BPO] and communication skills faculty at Vishwajyothi School, Angamaly Kerala.

Mr Arun Kottalgi is a trainer, life coach and entrepreneur. His educational qualifications include MBA - HR & Marketing and BE [Mechanical]. Among the certifications is UGC NET -Eligibility for Lectureship in Management. He is Founder Director at MOW Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Arun's Academy .His key skills include Training and Development, Project Management, Operations Management, Research and Analysis, Leadership and Team handling and ERP Implementation.

The topics covered during the certification program were as follows:
Interview Skills
Interview skills are an essential tool for all students in today's world of employment as there is increasing competition for job vacancies. HR managers decide whom to hire based on the interview. To get selected, a candidate should prove his ability in the limited time given.
On 13th January 2020, students up skilled their ability to write an attractive resume. They were given the formats that are normally used, a list of information and adjectives that could be included in the resume. They were also taught how to face an interview. Speaking was decoded and ideas were shared to master the art. In the next session, students learnt e-mail etiquette and some important acronyms used in e-mails. The activities conducted included extempore, drawing pictures resembling the strengths listed, making a paper boat and selling it the class etc.

On 14th January, the session continued with grooming lessons. Students were taught how to be presentable and create a good first impression during an interview. This was followed by an interview activity with four students in a group where one of the students played the role of the candidate and the rest played the role of interviewers. Group presentation round was conducted where random topics were given and the team had to talk about it. Later commonly asked interview questions were listed and the students were given an outline to answer the questions. This was followed by Group Discussion. The topic categories like current affairs, controversial, general, abstract and celebrity were discussed. Topics from each category were given and a few rounds of GD were conducted. The session concluded with a Pictionary activity which everyone enjoyed.

BFSI (Banking Financial Services and Insurance)
On 16th January 2020, BFSI certification program was conducted. Introduction was given on the topics covered in the session. After a brief about the subject, possible interview questions relating to this topic was listed and answers were given. Basics terms like GDP, CPI, WPI, inflation etc related to the economy were discussed. In the post-lunch session, the students learnt about Monetary Policy, Fiscal Deficit, Financial market and classifications, Stock markets, Investment, Speculation and a few other topics.
On 17th January 2020, BFSI certification continued. Students were taught about Derivatives, Mutual Funds, Financial Services, and Financial planning process in detail with which the session came to an end.
The trainer also conducted activities like presentations; discussions on popular scams etc, and explained the topics citing live examples from the stock market and made the session interesting.

Statutory and Compliance (Accounts group)
Trainer: Mr.Shriram Kalamadi
On 20th January 2020, statutory compliance certification program was conducted for the students who chose accounts based on their interest. The session started with the introduction of the subject and preview to the topics covered in the coming classes.
Details of TDS, PAN and TAN were discussed. The procedure to obtain them and the documents needed were also taught. Online form filling activity was conducted on this topic

.On 21st January 2020, the certification program continued with a discussion of various forms of business. Sole Trader, One Person Company (OPC), Partnership Firm, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Private Limited Company, Public Company was put for comparison after which their advantages and disadvantages were discussed. In the point of view of banks, the basis for evaluation at the time of lending loans was discussed.
On 22nd January 2020, the program was continued various topics like PF, EPF, Gratuity, and their calculations were discussed in detail. Later topics like Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme [EDLS], Employee State Insurance Scheme (ESI), Payment of Bonus Act 1965, were discussed in detail.
During this certification program, at the end of each day worksheets relating to the topics taught were given and students had to answer them. This measured the learning outcome of the students as well as helped them to recall and revise what they had learnt. This will also help them retain the concepts for a long time to come.

Session on Marketing
Trainer: Mr. Roopesh Salian
On 20th Jan 2020, students who opted for Marketing were given an insight to marketing, nature of marketing, marketing concepts, principles of marketing and roles of marketing department in business,.
The session continued on 21st Jan; wherein; the students were told how one does marketing, sales and marketing strategies and the techniques and management.
On 22nd Jan, to further drive home the point; activities were conducted during the session recounting the concepts related to marketing.

Finance Session
Trainers: Mr Shanawaz Pasha and Mr Arun Kottalgi
On 20th Jan, Finance group students were taught SEBI in detail- SEBI in India, its history, functions, powers, guidelines and regulations
On 21st Jan, Stock Exchange and working of the stock market- definition, purpose, role, example and functions
On 22nd Jan, students were introduced to the classification of financial market-Mutual Funds, Derivatives and options

Group Discussion and Grooming Session
On 23rd January 2020, a session on group discussion and grooming was conducted. The session started with an ice-breaking round where students were divided into teams. Each team had to create a story using names of students and words given. The list included a house, scarecrow, farmer, lake, traffic, singing and ostrich. Then, they had to present the story to the audience.
Later, the Group Discussion round began. The general rules to be followed, do's and don'ts were communicated in prior. Each team was assigned a topic and was given two minutes to prepare. After the discussion, one member from the team had to conclude. Post lunch session, some tips about grooming were discussed. Later students had to perform Mad Ads along with their team. Various activities forming part of the program benefitted each one!

Revision session
On 24th January 2020, a revision session was conducted All the topics which were taught were briefed with the viewpoint of exams scheduled on 25th January 2020.

On 25th January 2020, as per schedule, the exams were conducted. The exam was for three hours. The time was equally divided for Communication skills, BFSI and domain-specific subject chosen by the student. It included Statutory and compliance (accounts), Finance and Marketing. The students had to answer the multiple-choice question as well as theory questions.
Later a fun learning game "tic tac toe" was played in which the black-board was filled with topics. The class was divided into two groups "X" and "0". The topics were marked with symbols that struck out and points were given like a classic tic tac toe game.
Certification program was indeed beneficial to all students who learnt a lot of new concepts through many fun activities.

S Harshitha
II Year BCom B sec