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Report on IT Club Activities

‘Sadhana’ Information Technology (IT) Club conducted activities for DSBA UG students from all three programs-BCom, BBA and BCA on 22nd Feb 2020. The day long event started at 9:30 am .The venue of the events were IV Floor Seminar Hall and DSBA Computer Lab.

The four activities conducted were as follows:

1) Quiz Competition-The topics included General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Logical

Reasoning, Business, etc. -3 participants in each team

2) TypeRacer – The global typing competition for students

3) Treasure Hunt Competition - 4 participants in each team

4) TypeRacer – The global typing competition for Teaching Faculty and Non-Teaching staff

The numbers of participants for the events were as follows:

1) Quiz Competition: 14 Teams of three each

2) TypeRacer –23 Students

3) Treasure Hunt Competition: 17 Teams of four each

4) TypeRacer –19

Student Co-ordinators: 

Quiz Competition - Anusha, II-Sem BCA

TypeRacer - Sumukh, IV-Sem BCA

Treasure Hunt - Gagan, VI– Sem BCA

Faculty Co-ordinators: 

Prof. M. Vasudevarao

Prof. Shilpa

Prof. Solomon NR. & Prof. Punya




Jesat Sam

IV Semester BCom

Chirag Shetty

Syed Rehman


Anusha M K

II Semester BCom

Kavya S

Monisha G R

Treasure Hunt


Vishwas R

IV Semester BCom

Meghana K R

Divya H

Nithin Gowda R V


IV Semester BCom

Jesat Sam

Syed Rehman

Chirag Shetty K


VI Semester BCom


Winner -Students

Kruthika S

IV Semester BCA


IV Semester BCom

Shashank P


Prof Rajani D K


Prof Nikitha Sreekantha

Prof Roopashree