Planting Saplings



Planting Saplings


8th June 2021


Somanahalli Village Limits




  "He who plants tree loves others besides himself."Dr.Thomas Fuller

2021, Environment Day was celebrated on June 8th by NSS wing of DSBA. The main purpose of the celebration was to spread awareness about the need to protect the environment and the ways to do it.

The day was flagged off by a sapling plantation drive near Somanahalli village limits.  35 fruit bearing trees, which do not need much water on a daily basis, were planted by 20 NSS volunteers with the help of local people. On this occasion an eminent environmentalist, Mr. Anil Kumar spoke on the ways to preserve seeds and how saplings could be prepared with simple home based techniques.

All in all the day was a great success, and has certainly made a difference to the way we view our environment.