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Dalal Street champion Online stock trading competition



Dalal Street champion – Online stock trading competition


8th September 2021




Dr Shylaja, DSU and Mr. Bibby Abraham Thomas, Co-founder,





Online Stock Trading




Harshitha, BCOM 6th SEM


Prof Crissy Mathew

On 8th September 2021, the students of BBA and of Dayananda Sagar Business Academy took part in the orientation session on the Dalal Street Champion, Online Stock Trading Competition held at 10.30 am on the zoom platform. Dayananda Sagar School of Commerce and Management Studies – PG, conducted the program to brief us about the competition which will be held from 15th September to 8th October 2021.

Vriddhi, The Fintech Club, Dayananda Sagar School of Commerce and Management Studies – PG in collaboration with TRDR Inc is conducting this stock trading competition in which the registered participants will trade in real-time using virtual money on the bourses. With this hands-on experience, students would not only be aware of the intricacies of the stock market but they will also get acquainted on how trading happens. During the course of one month, weekly sessions will be conducted where experts will address the contestants and students about different aspects of stock trading. The competition is hosted through which is a web-based platform. On registration, the contestants will have access to INR.5,00,000 virtual money for trading. The registration fee per participant is INR 100. Students can win attractive cash prizes and also Internship offers for the top five contestants. 

Prof. Crissy Mathew, Co-ordinator, DSBA, welcomed and introduced the speakers of the session. Capt. Nagaraj Rao, Professor of Strategy & Leadership, Dean - SCMS (PG Programs), Dayananda Sagar University, started the session by giving us some statistics on the percentage of people who invest in stocks in our country and compared it with other countries such as China and the US. He also questioned us about the small-cap and large-cap companies listed on stock exchanges.

Prof. HN Shylaja, Ph.D., Professor of Finance, SCMS (PG Programs), Dayananda Sagar University began her talk by quoting catch them young. She also took the example of Whitehat  Jrs coding classes for school students which will create a passion for coding in them at a very young age to explain to us the benefits of investing at a young age. The stock market is one place where one could invest and reap the benefits of long-term growth. When one starts to invest at a younger age, there are chances that one could stay invested for the long term and benefit from the growth of the investment. With India all poised to rein the rope of the fastest-growing economy next only to China, the benefits that one could derive from investing in corporate India are immense. When one is ready to make investments, they need to know the risks involved too. She also shared her experience of investing in Zomato Ltd. during its initial public offering. She then spoke about our access to technology and how we can take advantage of it to research and learn about stocks, markets and investments. Then she briefed us about the competition.

Bibby Abraham Thomas, Co-founder, TRDR Inc, explained to us how each aspect of our lives is connected to the stock market. He also spoke about how our purchasing behaviour will impact the share value of the companies which manufacture those goods. He then spoke about portfolio management, wealth creation and financial planning. He then spoke about what we can learn from the contest. He also spoke about the stock market trend in India and also talked about the markets of Canada, Dubai and Vietnam. Then the orientation was concluded with a question-and-answer session.