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Youth career connect

YCC 2020 Skillablers Select Chirag Shetty as Panellist- Youth Student

Youth Career Connect 2020 (YCC 2020) |, a career-focused, first-of-its-kind, global online event addressing careers and opportunities for youth in these unprecedented times conducted the event from 29 July 2020 to 15 Aug 2020.

         Session slot details:

 Industry Vertical: Defence Services

Date: 4th August 2020

Time: 11:15 to 12:15 pm

Role: Panellist-Youth student



The participating target audience for the event included: College Students & Faculty Members; Graduating Youth; Young Professionals; Expat Indians and Job Aspirants.

The Panelists had a representation from (a) Industry Professional (b) Institution Professional (c) Youth Professional and (d) Youth Student – apart from the (e) Moderator.


The session framework was as follows:


  • The complete session was curated by the Moderator through a Q&A session.
  • Five recommendations emerged from the panel discussion which was documented in the YCC 2020 Impact Report.



 SGT Chirag Shetty K , Final Year BCom student and SGT - NCC DSBA was selected by Skillablers with a belief that his valuable experience, expertise and credentials would make a huge difference to the lives and future of the Youth, as they are looking for much-needed answers to the ‘Why & How’ in their lives to shape up their careers.


The panel members, besides SGT Chirag Shetty were:


Wg Cdr Sunil Mathew (Retd.), Senior Advisor [Aviation and Technology] at KITCO Ltd, Kochi

Mr. Deepak Sebastian, Managing Director at AMADO Tools

Dr. S Umamaheshwara Reddy, OS & Director at DRDO Laboratory Microwave Tube Research & Development Centre [MTRDC]

Maj. Gen. Raj Mehta, Director at Sarathy Museum Consultants