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Report on retro day



Title of the event:

Retro Day ( Fresher’s Day)


11th June 2022



Amphi Theatre

Report prepared by:

Sharon kamala. P  

Faculty Incharge:

Prof. Roopa Shree


On June 11th 2022, Retro Day was held on campus with freshers' day activities by the cultural club.

“Fresher’s Day” in any college is an event which every student eagerly awaits from their time of admission. The fresher’s day was filled with excitement, joy, music, enthusiasm, laughter and happiness. Honestly, we have been waiting to crown the freshers since the day they joined. unfortunately, the pandemic didn’t let it happen, but here we were continuing the tradition of fresher’s day. Everyone, even the staff, looked fantastic because they were all dressed in 70s and 80s-style retro clothing.

The event stared at 11:30 A.M. Sharon Kamala and Sarah CH, both BCA final year students, were the event's hosts. All of the semi-finalists were lined up to compete in their rounds for the prestigious titles of Mr. and Ms. Fresher, and some incredible dance performances by students and our beloved staff were on the way, it was a lot of fun. Everyone was looking forward to seeing the semi-finalists amaze the judges and seniors.


 The judges for the event were Roopa Shree ma’am, Sanjeev sir, Shilpa ma’am and Sri Lalitha ma’am. As each semi-finalist walked down the ramp, the hosts gave an introduction. The first round was a one-minute self-introduction round, in which each person had one minute to introduce themselves. Two girls and two boys are eliminated in this round, with the others qualifying for the following round. The judging criterion for this round was communication, fluency, tone and body language, each criterion was given 5 marks each. Following this round, the juniors put on a band performance of oldies. It was a great performance and pretty sure all were drowning in the 80s.


The first round's results were released, followed by the second round for those who qualified. The second round was the props round, where the participants are given a random object, which they have to use in a unique and creative way We provided the candidates with props such as scarf, post it notes, candles, shoes, and belts, among other things. Once the round was done, two boys and two girls get eliminated and the rest qualify for the final round. The round was amazing, all the participants did a wonderful job presenting their creativity.


After the second round, A voyage through the retro bolly wood era with a spectacular dance performance by the seniors. It was a surprise time for the audience, we had our amazing faculty flaunting their fashion on the red carpet with a great ramp walk. It was a wonderful show and all were shocked by the performance. They all looked pretty and gorgeous. After that we had another dance performace by our talented juniors, they took us to a jounery through the old kannada era. It was a beautifual performance.


Following an incredible show, the freshers semi-finalists competed in the final round. The last round consisted of a question and answer session. There were eight semi-finalists, two girls and two guys from each year. Different types of questions were posed to each participant. That marked the final round of the titles Mr and Miss fresher. All gave an wonderful performance. After that, Charitha from 2nd year BCOM dazzled us with a solo dance performance set to classical music. After that, we had the day's last performance, which was a fashion display by final-year students, which was the most eagerly anticipated aspect of the programme. With their wonderful walk, the seniors wowed the audience.


Last but not least, the most eagerly anticipated event for the entire campus is the crowning of Mr. and Miss Freshman 2020 and 2021. Mr Fresher 2021, Koustubha Hegde of BCOM 1st year, and Miss Fresher 2021, Riya Singh of BBA 1st year, and Mr Fresher 2020, Varun Suman of BCA, and Miss

Fresher 2020, Dhruthi Prasad of BCOM, from the second year. Another inspiring award was given to Sharon Kamala, a BCA final year student, and Darshan, a BBA 2nd year student, for the best dressed girl and boy, respectively. It was a wonderful experience and an excellent opportunity for the juniors to show off their talents in the best way.