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Workshop - Social intelligence

Report on Workshop – Social Intelligence Leading to Corporate Success


Workshop on Social Intelligence leading to Corporate Success was held for 4th and 6th sem of all branches on 31st may in 4th floor-seminar hall. Social intelligence is one of the most important character strengths to determine the success of leaders because leading is social in nature.

The speaker ‘Mohammed Younus’ spoke about the importance of social intelligence for unlocking the skills of approaching new people, effective communication, dialogue, and teamwork by an activity which was conducted through the help of an application called Bucket List. This application was designed to find new people and to talk to unknown strangers.

The activity was about allotting different characters to each one of the students and were assigned to find the other character’s code which they were linked to. By the end of the game there were two winners who were awarded with rewards.


But the main aim of this application and activity was to help the students to come out of their comfort zones, to break the wall of silence and enabling them to increase their efficiency in communicating with others fearlessly.

Mr.Mohammed Younus’s  thoughts, knowledge and experience explained in the workshop gave a brief note on  discovering different individuals with unique mind sets and aspects.

 At the end of the workshop, the speakers were honored with sapling plants.