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28th July 2022



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SAHANA.S 4th sem BCA

About the event:

An IT CLUB event was organised by Department of BCA, DAYANAND SAGAR BUSINESS ACADEMY on 28th July 2022. Three events were conducted as part of IT club, i.e.; Coding/Debugging, Web Designing and Battle Grounds Mobile Data (BGMI). More than 150 students from different colleges took part in this event. The activities were coordinated by the faculties and students of BCA department.



Totally 17 team were participated from different colleges. Where each team consists of 2 members. the event conducted in 3 rounds where competition was based on C and C++ programming language. As 1st round was based on debugging using C programming language. 2nd round was of coding using C++ programming language. Finals was debugging using C++. The completion time of the debugging was 15 minutes and time limit for coding was 30 minutes. The registration fee for coding and debugging was rupees 100 per team. And the cash prize for winner rupees 2000 and runner up rupees 1000


This competition was based on HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XML, CSS and JavaScript. This event was conducted in 2 was an individual participation event. The first round was PRELIMS and second round was FINALS. Completion of the web design for participants to be qualified for the final round was 60 mins. The registration fees for web designing were rupees 100 where the cash prize for winner rupees 2000 and runner up rupees 1000



This competition was basically organize for relaxation of mind. The BGMI was played only through mobile phone. No other devices were allowed. Each team consists of 4 players where 140+ players were participated in this event. This game was of 2 rounds. Mode. Battle royal: erangel map (first round), TDM (second round). Basically the 1st round was of erangel map and second round was (TDM) Team death match which as of 10 this match only AR: M416 will be allowed. The last team in the 2nd round won the tournament. Players using hacking software doing modification in client server are strictly eliminated. the registration fees for BGMI were Rupees 200 per team. Where the cash prize for winner is Rupees 2000 and runner up rupees 1000.

Glimpses of the EVENT: