The pride of DSI is its leadership team. The champions of Educational Development with exceptional leadership vision and records, our leaders follow the footsteps of our founder: Late R Dayananda Sagar. Thinkers, Planners, institution builders and medical doctors enriched with insight gained from hands-on work experience. They bring with them a piece of worldly wisdom in all that they do.


To become a centre of excellence in education, research & training and to produce citizens with values and exceptional leadership qualities to serve national and global needs.


To provide innovative educational opportunities and student support services that lead to the holistic education.

To provide a sustainable and accessible environment to support and encourage student potentials by building on the vibrancy of DSI while being guided by the principles of integrity, innovation, creativity and quality.

To foster personal and professional success through the development of critical thinking, effective communication, creativity and cultural awareness in a safe, accessible and affordable learning environment.



Pursuit of Excellence: Commitment to continuous improvement of our systems with the aim to be the best in our field.

Fairness: Commitment to objectivity and impartiality to earn the trust and respect of society.

Leadership: Commitment to lead responsibly, responsively and creatively in educational and research processes.

Integrity and Transparency: Commitment to be ethical, sincere and transparent in all activities and to treat all individuals with dignity and respect.

Student Focus: Creating an educational environment and culture to ensure holistic development of students and help them achieve their professional goals.

Diversity: Fostering a learning community in which the values, goals, and learning styles of all students are recognized and supported.

Program Objectives

At DSBA, we understand that, to be relevant in the dynamic world, skill development required for personal and professional success of all graduating students is vital, and hence, program specific objectives are identified.

To impart knowledge and enhance the ability to understand core concepts of the program.
To enhance ability to utilize oral, written, listening and non-verbal communication skills to effectively interact with others.
Inquiry and Analysis
To improve the ability to apply theoretical aspects of commerce, management and computer science disciplines to arrive at feasible solutions in real situation.
Reasoning and Critical Thinking
To instil logical and critical thinking that is responsive and guided by intellectual standards such as relevance, accuracy, brevity and clarity.
Technological Advancement
To keep pace with global technology trends and expose students to technological advancement and prepare for success in the work place.
Encourage students to understand, articulate and accept the importance and influence of diversity within and between cultures and societies.
The ability to commit to standards of personal and professional integrity, honesty and fairness.