1. Students should strictly follow all rules and regulations in force now or which may be introduced later in the institution hereafter. Indiscipline and breach of rules and regulations on their part would entail forfeiture of his/ her seat in the institution.

2. Students are required to adhere to the institution’s timings of 9:30 am to 4:30 pm for the academic and other college activities.

3. Students should strictly adhere to the following dress code: Monday and Thursday – Uniform Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday – Formals Saturday – Casuals Casual dress includes only the following: For Boys – T-Shirts with collar and shoes. (Faded/tattooed/funky/distressed jeans are not allowed) For Girls – T-Shirts & with sleeve dresses, full pants/Salwar suit with dupatta. (Faded/tattooed/funky/distressed jeans / sleeveless tops/ short tops are not allowed)

4. Ragging is an inhuman act and is banned in the Institute. Students should not directly or indirectly indulge in, aid or abet any activity that might be construed as ragging. Students, if found erring in this regard, are liable to necessary disciplinary and legal action. This may include lodging of a criminal case against the student at the Police Station as per the directive from the Honourable Supreme Court of India as well as expulsion from the Institute.

5. Students should not indulge in; ragging or abetting ragging, use of recreational drugs, sexual harassment, consumption of alcohol, smoking etc in the college campus actively or passively. If found guilty of these acts disciplinary and administrative action which may amount to rustication /handing over to the civic police (if need be) will be taken.

6. As per ruling of Supreme Court, sexual harassment includes physical contact and advances, demand or request for sexual favours, sexually coloured remarks, display of pornography and any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature. Students should refrain themselves from these acts.

7. Students should take care of the college property. Damages will be recovered from the concerned individual or the class. Students are also expected to report the instances of damage immediately to the concerned authority.

8. If students are admitted into the hostel, he/she will strictly abide by the rules and regulations in force in the hostel and that any breach of discipline or rules or any unruly conduct or undesirable activities will be summarily dealt with by forfeiture of seat both in the hostel and in the institution.

9. Students are expected to maintain the highest level of integrity in examinations. The adoption of any unfair means like bringing banned material/ICT devices in examination hall, tampering with marked answer books etc. will result in strict disciplinary action by the Examination Committee, which may include rustication for one or more semesters, or expulsion from the Institute.

10. Students who have joined the NCC and NSS will attend all Parade / Actives regularly and follow all the other related requirements.

11. Students should ensure that they attend all the Certification/ add on programme sessions regularly and will follow-up with class teacher.

12. Students should pay the college fee/exam fee on the specified date.

13. Students should maintain a minimum of 75% percentage attendance in each subject as prescribed by the Bangalore University during the semester.

14. Continuation of scholarship or educational concessions to students will depend on good moral conduct.

15. Students should compulsorily wear College Identity card when they are in college premises.

16. Students should carry their Motor driving licence and wear helmet while driving two-wheelers.

17. Mobile phones should be used judiciously in the campus.

18. Use of social media should be done prudently. Uploading photos/videos and making derogatory remarks and comments tarnishing the image of the institution/faculty/staff/students on social media will be construed as a punishable offense.

19. Violation of the code of conduct will attract administrative/disciplinary action.