Internshala Report

Internshala is a Gurgaon based company, founded by Mr. Sarvesh Agarwal, an IIT- Madras alumnus.

In the month of September 2017, I was fortunate enough to be selected as the student partner of Internshala/ representative of Internshala (also called ISP) for a period of six months at our college after, two levels of selection process- the first was an online Q&A round and the second round was a telephonic interview.

Every student partner has to reach a certain goal to be awarded a certificate. However, the most exciting bit is that, an ISP can get a visiting card in his / her name if the target is reached.

I have been promoting their courses and internships from the month of September.

I was lucky enough to have reached my target and have got a visiting card in my name and will be getting certificate for my internship.

In the interim, I have been learning about promotions, online marketing, and communication, reaching out to people and enlightening them about how they can get an internship and gain from it.

As ISPs we are expected to conduct seminars in colleges on “THE POWER OF INTERNSHIPS”. I conducted one such seminar for II Year BCom and I Year BBA with the help of Dr. Veena K N, Dean-DSBA and Professor Priyanka on 26th February 2018. I did improve my public speaking skills and at the same time got a chance to share some facts on the current employable rate, the reason why people possess fewer skills; how the right combination of skills sets can be availed with the help of Internshala.

I received a favourable response from both my peers as well as my juniors which has been overwhelming and has inspired me to enhance my skills!

                                                                                                    Sharvani B S [II Year BCom]