Special Combined Annual Training Camp for NCC Cadets of DSBA

Five NCC cadets from DSBA namely, Rohan [II Year BCA], Gowtham, Anas [I Year BBA] Raj Kishore and Dinesh [I Year BCom] had the most beautiful experience of our lives when we participated in the Special CATC from 10 March’18 to 19 March’18.CATC’s are held within the State under the aegis of respective NCC Directorates for all NCC Cadets-Boys and girls from various districts in Karnataka.

It was our very first NCC camp located in 2 different camp sites, Siddar Betta and Tumkur.

The camp was for ten days and began on 10th March 2018.

All five of us reached Siddar Betta on 10th after noon and had to adapt ourselves to the severe heat. Initially all of us found it difficult to adjust to the timings because none of us ever ate dinner at 18:30, slept by 19:30 and then wake up at 2:00 am to take bath and get ready and have an early breakfast.

In all we were 600 of us and every single one of us motivated each other to complete the task be it climbing hills, participate in sports and the likes!

We spent 3 days in Siddar Betta and then reached Tumkur on 13th March 2018.

We ,SDs [Boys] along with SWs [Girl Cadets] lived in Siddganga Matha for the rest of our camp and had loads of fun spending time with each other.

Having light food and eating up glucose for a meal made all of us look very weak yet none of us were weak because we were all excited about what was going to happen that day. All of us were engaged in activities such as sports, jogging, and exercises for an hour every day.

All SDs and SWs got along with each other and practiced for the cultural event and worked at odd hours to put up a great show on the final day

We all performed on 18th March 2018 and all of us had the “Bada khaana” which in literal translation means big meal. Bada khaana is an army ritual where all kinds of food are made and served.

From climbing hills to visiting temples, waking up early to taking bath, from singing with everyone out of joy to not sleeping so that we could do the mess duty and guarding, everything was the best experience anyone could ask for!

                                                                                                                   Cadet Rohan Satish