Baking Basics -Cookie Making Challenge

A one-day cookie making workshop was conducted for girls at DSBA on 25 April’18 in Room 104 from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. The trainers were Ms Suganya Gowdhaman co-founder of Suvee, a cake and cookie home shop and founder of SugasKitchen, an online recipe portal and Ms Veena Padmanabha who is also co-owner of Suvee. The trainers taught the students to make cookies right from the scratch. The tips, dos and don’ts were stated at all stages of the baking process. At the end of the session, they shared all the cookie recipes with the students.

The hands-on interactive workshop engaged all the students through the day and while the basic cookie demonstration was on, the girls were totally involved and observed keenly. The trainers soon gave a chance to the girls to make the cookies themselves. The trainers were immensely surprised at the girls’ quick learning as they soon became immersed in the world of cookies and churned out many of them. The finished cookies were delicious.

This prompted an act of having a cookie challenge on 26 April’18 in the morning hours. The venue was Room 104. The girls arrived at the venue in time with all the baking equipment, ingredients in tow and thus the hands-on cookie workshop definitely worked as the batches came up with baking cookies that were taught the previous day- Karachi cookies, Choco-chip cookies and Muesli cookies. The girl’s passion about baking could be seen while they baked as that had brought them much joy and satisfaction.

The other purpose of challenge was to encourage supportive, positive climate of fun and bonhomie. The challenge was a success even in that aspect as the girls helped one another in times of disappointments during the baking process. They encouraged one another in spite of the competition and a healthy competitive spirit prevailed.

Once the cookies were ready, they offered them to Dr Veena, Dean-DSBA; Prof Nikitha Sreekantha -HOD and some faculty who tasted the finished cookies. All came to a conclusion that considering the girls were amateur bakers first time round they had still nailed it!