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Teachers Day A Day to Honour Teachers Selfless Contribution

A Teacher takes a Hand, opens a Mind and touches a Heart…..

The students of DSBA celebrated the Teachers’ Day with gusto and gaiety on 5th September 2019.At 2:45 pm, Dr [Brig] Sandes-Principal; Dr Veena K N –Dean; Prof Nikitha Sreekantha –HOD; and the Faculty were ushered into the IV Floor Hall for the Teachers’ Day celebrations by the student volunteers.

On behalf of all DSBA students, Mr. Vedanth Mohithe [III Year BCom student] welcomed the Principal, Dean, HOD and each one of the faculty. In his welcome speech, he first recalled Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan – second President of India, the great academic philosopher, one of the most well known diplomats, scholar, and above all a teacher. Further, he appreciated the sincerest efforts of the teachers in playing a catalytic role in the holistic development of every student in the institution.

The function began with games specially organized by students for the faculty; wherein, at every round of the three-round game, the faculty were eliminated. The faculty member who reached the final round and won it was declared the winner. The games were conducted by first, second and third year student volunteers from all three programs. 

The first game was a ramp walk with a difference. In this round, faculty members walked the ramp balancing a book on their heads. The individual who couldn’t balance the book and dropped it during the walk was eliminated.

The faculty who made it to the second round played the memory game. Students and the evicted faculty cheered, while the game was in progress.

The game in the final round was the much-loved musical chairs. Very soon, barring two faculty members, all the others got eliminated. The two finalists who made it to the finals were Prof Roopashree and Prof Nazeer Pasha. However, the winner of the final round was Prof Nazeer Pasha.

Ms Anushri proposed the vote of thanks. She thanked the faculty for gracing the occasion and expressed her gratitude to the teachers’ for striving hard to shape the students’ character so that they become an ideal citizen.

To express their love, respect and gratitude, the students gave beautiful and thoughtful gifts along with a sapling of Holy Basil to each faculty. 

Prof Nikitha thanked all student volunteers and lauded their efforts. The function came to a close at 4:30 pm with an array of sumptuous snacks for the faculty.