English every Day



English every Day


5th  June 2021

Target audience:

BCA students of all the semester


Online Zoom platform

Resource Person

              Chief Guest -     Dr.Mekhala Venkatesh

  Guest of Honor –  Prof.Meera Krishnan




Faculty In-charge:

Prof.Radha Jaysimha,Prof.Keerthishree

Report prepared by:

Anusha S(BCA IV)

On 5 June 2021, an English everyday event was organized by the Literary club of our college to diffuse the importance of English in our everyday life. The event began at 10:00 am .Prof.Keerthishree introduced the esteemed Chief Guest Dr. Mekhala Venkatesh and the guest of honor Prof. Meera Krishnan were introduced to the students. 

The event was followed by a spectacular display of presentation in the form of a video created by the students. The students displayed an array of presentation based on the different pronunciation of words in different countries ,Iravati Karve, Willam Shakespeare, Princess Diana. However, it also included a sample research paper on famous primatologist Jane Goodall, drugs and teenagers, the history of English in India and Women empowerment in India.Some of the presentations also conveyed a message that represented not losing hope and effects on the usage of plastic. Acknowledging the present situation a short presentation on fighting the covid pandemic and living this lockdown environmental life was illustrated on the poster.

The program concluded with a Vote of thanks,followed by the feedback given by the guests which encouraged the students. However, Dr.(Brig) Sandes the Principal and Dr. Veena K N, Dean Academics of the College appreciated the effort taken by the literary club in making this event prosperous.