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Yoga Day Report

Title of the event:

International Yoga Day REPORT


21stMay 2021

Target Audience:

1st and 2nd year NCC cadets

No of participants:


Resource person -      Name:

Lt.M.G Nagaraju.   






2 Kar Bn NCC


Mail id:


Mobile No:

9844030061, 7598153110



Manekshaw Parade Ground

Report prepared by:

Lt.M.G Nagaraju , SGT HEMASHREE P  

Faculty In-charge:

Lt.M.G Nagaraju




    The battalion conducted the International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2022 ,Tuesday at Manekshaw parade ground .The theme of International yoga day 2022 was "Yoga for Humanity''. The main goal of International Yoga Day is to raise yoga's benifits to the cadets and Yoga for the health of all , to keep Nation fit ,to spread the awareness of Fit-India.The guests of the event was our Honarable DDG Air Commodore B S KANWAR and Our respected Group commander Col Basanth singh.

Also all the necessary precautionary measures were taken was conducted adhering to the covid-19 guidelines.


We reported at the Manekshaw parade ground at 6:53AM with the total strength of 30 cadets. As soon as we reported all the cadets started to set the tune as according to the protocols . The event started with Honarable Prime Minister Narendra Modi speech which was helding in Mysore on the same occasion. Then, after the speech of PM Modi the Resource team Himalaya School of Traditional Yaga started to guide all the audience cadets, CO,AO ,ANO's ,JCO's and all the PI staff of 2kar NCC Bn actively took part in it .The event further started with Prayer then Neck bending exercise, shoulder rotation then while coming to asana i.,e

  1. Vakrasana -which makes the body flexible and reduces belly fat and also helps in improving digestion by regulating digestive juices.
  2. Bhujangasana-It can be a great asana for people dealing with arthritis of the lower back and lower back pains also helps to release stress.
  3. Sarvagasana-The posture of the asana strengthens muscles and lowers the chances of kidney and bone disease. It aims to reduce insomnia, depression and mental anxiety.


5.Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

6.Savasana 7.Pada hasthasana

8.Ardh asana etc.. later we continued doing Pranayama in that we did Bhramari Pranayama, Anulom vilom pranayama .

The entire event was knowledgeable, great ,healthy and peaceful everyone actively took participation .


After the event the token of appreciation was took place The moment of memento was given to Honarable DDG Air Commodore B.S KANWAR and Our respected Group commander Col Basanth singh from Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga. In same way the token of appreciation was given to Himalayan School of Traditional yoga from 2 kar NCC Bn. The entire event was captured and filmed in drone.Lastly the event ended by the photo sessions and provided refreshments.