Report on River Rejuvenation Awareness program


River rejuvenation


12 July 2022


2:30 pm


person name

Ms Vinutha


Teacher at Art of living


Seminar hall,4th floor


prepared by

Yogitha.H.S of 4th Sem 'B.COM'

Faculty in-


Prof.Rajani mam

NSS wing of Dayananda Sagar Business Academy had organised River Rejuvenation Awareness program at the seminar hall ,4th floor with the support of Prof.Rajani mam NSS program officer on 12 July 2022.

The program started with the introduction of the resource person Ms Vinutha.She has completed her education at MSRIT, Bachelor’s Degree,in Mechanical Engineer.She is currently working as Sri Sri Institute for Advanced Research, Faculty Research assistant and Art of Living, Volunteer.She is a result -oriented Graduate Assistant successful at teaching classes,mentoring students and contributing to research.Passionate about science,yoga, music and sprirituality.

Then, the resource person started the awareness program through presentation.There she explained about the River Rejuvenation and how the volunteers of Art of living are working towards it and so on.

She said about water crisis faced today,how Gurudev Sri Ravishankar has inspired The art of living community to revive lost rivers in various parts of India and other water bodies such as ponds,wells,canals etc.Then they have also taken part in removing the plastic ,garbage in the Clean Yamuna Campaign of Yamuna river and showed a video regarding it.

She also said about River Rejuvenation project in Tamil Nadu, nearly 90% of the project workers were

women.They have constructed banks where they are flown by little streams and stored in it.

They also talked about the courses offered in the Art of living ashram for children in process which involves simple exercises and meditation to enhance the intuitive abilities in children. Which helps in innovation and decision making and the child to perform tasks accurately in daily life, improve grades in schools, enhance behavioral skills, value system and life skills and showed a video.

Also talked about few words about the World cultural festival which was held on Yamuna floodplains which was held for three days with 37,000 artists with a gathering of more than 35 lakh people and video of world cultural festival was shown and the program ended with vote of thanks by Rajani mam.

Done By,

Yogitha.H.S. (206JC41117)

4th Sem “B.COM”